This campaign starts in the Nentir Vale which can be found in the back of the new DMG. All the characters were born outside the Vale in a world created by the DM.

The lands west of the Stonemarch Mountains are an unknown, vast and dangerous wilderness. Few have travelled into the western lands and fewer have returned.

North of the Nentir Vale, the Winterbole Forest eventually gives way to the Rain Valley. The Rain Valley (approx. 150 miles north of Fallcrest) is linked to the world of Nerath and to the Feywild. Somewhere in the valley is a natural bridge under a canopy of wildflowers and at dusk every evening as the rain washes through the valley the link between the two worlds opens and a person can pass from one realm into the other. In Nerath, twelve elven tribes protect the valley from monsters and villains crossing in or out of the Feywild. The tribes are named after the chief families: Moonbeam, Firebrook, Chalicene, Riverwind, Bardstrum, Brightwood, Harvest, Silvereye, Sommerhill, Springleaf, Harmony and Cedarbreeze. Crossing into the Feywild the Rain Valley is located near the eladrin city, Mithrendain. The Rain Valley is surrounded by purple mountains. A large lake (50 miles long, 10 miles wide) rests just north of the valley and many rivers and streams run through the Valley to a smaller lake within. This lake drains from the Valley in a strong river that runs along the northern border of the Winterbole Forest and into the dangerous western wilderness. On the edges of the Valley, around the purple mountains, the trees grow thick and strong and are many. Within the valley amongst the rivers and streams the colorful, flowering trees are smaller but dazzling. At the edge of the Valley to the east a road trails into dry desert land for 30 miles where it reaches the Dragonmaw Canyon.

South of the Nentir Vale, the Nentir River flows down to the Aegan Sea (approx. 100 miles south of the Witchlight Fens). Below the Harken Forest are the Coastal Provinces which feature villages and four prominant cities.

Archertown is named after the bowmen that defended the city from invading monster armies a millennium ago. It is the western-most city of the coastal provinces. It is 30 miles east of the Nentir River and 10 miles north of the Aegan Sea. Many festivals are held during the year and feature athletic competitions including archery, jousting, horsemanship and racing. The city is built into the surrounding hills and exists on multiple elevations. The people of Archertown do some farming and raise goats, sheep and cattle as well as tame wild horses. The governess is Corellia Flamet – a one-time, bareback – archery – wildhorse – racing, champion of the Summer Solstice Archertown Festival Games and middle-aged beauty.

The Roads of the Coastal Provinces: Two main roads lead east from Archertown. The Lion's Pride Road runs slightly southward for nearly 100 miles to the City of Sosh and continues from there to the Arkvana Peninsula another 100 miles or more. The Whiteowl Road runs slightly northward for 120 miles to Bridgeblock and continues another 120 miles into the Central Dominance to the earldom of Dur' Ira. The Whiteowl Road is the quickest route from Archertown to Bridgeblock but most travelers will use the Lion's Pride Road to the City of Sosh and then pick up the King's Road which runs northeast for 50 miles to Spearpoint and another 35 miles to Bridgeblock. This is the more popular route because the Whiteowl Road between Archertown and Bridgeblock is considered haunted. From Bridgeblock the King's Road runs north through the Harken Forest for 85 miles to the villages of Harkenwold.

The City of Sosh is located nearly 100 miles east down the Lion's Pride Road from Archertown. The men of Sosh are militarily trained with spears and swords and heavy shields. Kord is their patron and they respect military intelligence and strength. They distrust arcane powers and the practices of witches and warlocks are outlawed. Tieflings are prejudiced against in Sosh so most do not enter the area. It is common for executed warlocks and tieflings to be displayed as a warning to others. Sosh does business with Archertown and Arkvana along the Lion's Pride Road and bands of Sosh men-at-arms often make trips to Spearpoint and Bridgeblock. They travel in packs and tend to bully warlocks, tieflings or anyone they suspect might favor the dark gods. They are governed by a senate of seven mostly-elder soldiers: Herack the Stump, Dariud One-Eye, Barjun the Burned, Evand Widower, Reg the Beheader, Thopp Cattleman and Lecktor Smitty. Their architecture favors simple stone buildings with heavy columns and their senate square features a rumored bottomless pit.

The Aegan Sea washes up along the Coastal Provinces and curves around the Arkvana Peninsula. At the tip of the Peninsula called Dragontail Point the sea runs back to the west over the northern side of the Penisula and south of the land of the Central Dominance and forms a large bay. A jut of land at the western-most part of the bay is the location of Spearpoint. The bay is the southern border of the natural bridge leading from Bridgeblock to the Central Dominance. A large lake is the northern border of the bridge. South of the Coastal Provinces and the Arkvana Peninsula the Aegan Sea seems limitless. Some merchants from the east and west come to the region in ships by way of the sea but the travel is dangerous with wild sea creatures and pirates. The sea is wide (perhaps 100 miles) between the Arkvana Peninsula and the lands to the east where a mysterious palace called House of Rahvin sits on the coast. North of this wide portion of the sea, a large canal runs north along the eastern border of the Central Dominance and opens into a gigantic lake (75 miles east to west, 100 miles north to south). At the northern part of this large lake three river drain into it and at this location is the center of trade for the region and the largest city, Kulltown.

Spearpoint is 50 miles north of Sosh. The seaside town is a popular scenic attraction for those fortunate enough to take a holiday. It is a fishing town and minor trading port. Some local merchants make weekly trips to Kulltown on their small sea vessels. A wealthy wizard Perry Barefoot governs the town from his tower which overlooks the bay.

Bridgeblock is slightly north of Spearpoint. This town guards the hilly land between the lake and the sea that forms a natural bridge between the southern coastal provinces and the Earldoms east of the Dawnforge Mountains. Throughout the natural bridge many walls, barriers & fortresses have been built, ruined, rebuilt and ruined over the ages. The ruined fortresses often become the lairs of beasts or the hideouts of outlaws. Bridgeblock has had quarrels with some of the earldoms to the north most notably Dur' Ira. Both Bridgeblock and Dur' Ira keep their sides well defended but there have only been minor incidents in recent years. Bridgeblock's defenses include Dragonborn from the Arkvana Peninsula, men & women from Archertown and soldiers from Sosh. A human warlord Makkus Day organizes the defenses and holds the title of Sheriff of Bridgeblock.

The Arkvana Peninsula extends east from the coastal provinces cutting into the Aegan Sea. A Dragonborn clan occupies the Arkvana Peninsula. Their leader is a priest of Bahamut, Enubrius the Bronze. He and his clerics have built a modest temple to the king of dragons. They are allies with the City of Sosh. Temples to Bahamut are simple and elegant when they exist at all. The god prefers to be honored by the actions of his followers rather than by physical tributes. Mount Arkvana rises in the center of the Arkvana Peninsula. There are legends claiming an ancient bronze dragon rests beneath the mountain and once protected the peninsula and the surrounding waters. Dragonborn come to the peninsula to mate and raise their children to maturity. The dragonborn fish and tend gardens which produce exotic herbs and tea leaves. The Peninsula is sometimes refered to as the Dragon's Tail.

The Dragonmouth or Dragonmaw Canyon was created through a series of natural and some claim supernatural disasters known to some as the Plagues of the Withering Gods which took place a millennium ago. It is east of the Rain Valley. Nearly 400 years ago, Canyon City was built into the side of the canyon by dwarves who had been driven from the mountains to the east known as Ekkia-Byror (widow birth) by a gargantuan red dragon. The dragon depleted the mines and disappeared into the Central Dominance over a century ago. A small group of dwarves returned to Ekkia-Byror but most remained in Canyon City. Through a collaborative effort the deep gnomes, which dwell in the dark depths of Dragonmaw Canyon and the dwarves and the merchants of Kulltown built an underground railway system that connects Canyon City with Ekkia-Byror. The Kulltown merchants make use of this railway for trading and ship goods from Ekkia-Byror down the river to Kulltown. The engineering of the railway is looked after by the deep gnomes. A deep gnome will rarely leave the darkness of the canyon to come to Canyon City. Most relations with the deep gnomes are conducted by the dwarves down in the darkness. It is unknown how vast the railway system is and where – besides Ekkia-Byror and Canyon City – it might be connected.

The Central Dominance

Kulltown was a massive city of stone and steel built on the land and islands where the rivers met the sea. It was ruled by Sir Harnden the Black Hand and all the Earls of the Central Dominance answered to him.

The Trade Road crossed through the Dawnforge Mountains at Hammerfast and into the Central Dominance. 50 miles east of the mountains the Trade Road arrived at Dur' Invidia, one of the Central Dominances earldoms. 65 more miles east up the Trade Road was another earldom Dur' Supurbia and 85 miles northeast the Trade Road ended at Kulltown.

On the Central Dominance side of the natural bridge across from Bridgeblock the Whiteowl Road continued east to Dur' Ira but Misarte Run was a road that split off the Whiteowl Road and ran north for 50 miles to the earldom Dur' Luxuria which was 70 miles south of Dur' Invidia.

75 mile norteast of Dur' Ira was the earldom Dur' Gula. 75 miles southeast of Dur' Ira in what is now a twisted, swampy forest was an ancient kingdom Acedia y.

Roads connected one earldom to another and they surrounded a huge mountain named Mount Avaritia.

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