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Against The Giants

Rudy, Nim, Theren and Uthrid cleared out most of the hill giant steading including a fire giant and iron dragon in the basement level. They left some areas of the basement alone. A shrine to an old deity was left unexplored and they avoided the caverns where a roper lived and others that housed some umber hulks. They woke the stone giant emissary but kept him in restraints. With his help they urged some other stone giants in the basement to surrender and rescued some more enslaved humans and dwarves and a half orc called Javok.

So, with most of the steading’s treasure stowed on their ponies as well as their dead dwarf friends Alden and Durin, the remaining dwarves, Finn, Borri, Gorec, Holgar and Kamand, escorted the adventurers, the three stone giant prisoners, ten human ex-slaves and fifteen dwarven ex-slaves and Javok to their secret dwarven stronghold at the mountains edge. The stronghold was guarded by a meager group of dwarves ruled by King Kannan. The old king greeted them with a gift of residuum in large volume and some rituals including Enchant Magic Item. Over the next couple of days Nim, with the help of Borri, Holgar and Kamand, created a magic item for each of the adventurers. King Kannan explained the dwarves situation and promised the rest of the stronghold’s horde to the adventurers for further assistance.

The dwarves were charged with watching the Crystalmist Mountains for giant activity. If the giants became restless (as they recently had) the dwarves were to drive them back into the mountains and send warning to the Dragonmaw Canyon and Ekkia Byror. The humanoid settlements nearby were now mostly ruined and mercenaries from the south had come up to take on the giants but most that ventured into the mountains to assault the Howling Crag or the Glacial Rift had not returned. The stone giants had recently been allies of the dwarves and the king had heard that a purple stone had been unearthed in the stone giant warrens below the Howling Crag and this stone had driven the stone giant thane mad. Since his madness, the thane’s sister had taken command and allied the stone giants with the other giants. King Kannan had three quests for the adventurers to accomplish in order to earn the stronghold’s horde:

1. Infiltrate the Howling Crag and release the thane from his madness. Then broker an alliance with the stone giants.

2. Infiltrate the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, assassinate the Jarl, steal his battle plans and meet with Vaald, the Jarls’ advisor, who has promised to end hostility if the Jarl is killed, and determine if his promise is valid.

3. Infiltrate the Hall of the Fire Giant King and determine what has stirred them up.


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