Cheap Whiskey

Campaign End

The party faced a drow priestess in a temple to the elemental eye. They killed her underlings but she escaped. They left the hall of the fire giant king with the remaining freed prisoners and teleported them to Krombault’s castle. The party and the dwarves headed back to Fallcrest. Fallcrest was governed by Morthos Azaer and Barnoble Eeace IV who were previously turned to stone in The Pyramid of Shadows. After a combat with some devils who were trying to serve vengeance for the slaying of a duergar warlord, the party discover that Morthos and Barnoble were actually thralls of a pair of mind flayers. The party pursued the mind flayers into the catacombs beneath Moonstone Keep and eventually faced of with Mosobth a beholder crime lord. The party bloodied the beholder and caused it to retreat but not before it killed Theren. The party tried to carry Theren out of the catacombs but were assaulted by some bodacks. After a couple of missteps the adventures were in trouble. Nim fell to the gaze of a bodack and then Rudy. Uthrid battled on against the remaining 3 of 6 bodacks but a lucky punch weakened him and the gaze of another dropped him. They have never been seen again.


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