Cheap Whiskey


Princess Moonshadow has been freed from her prison cell in King Snurry Ironbelly’s Volcanic Fortress. The king lies dead in his hall without a head. Many giant and azur are dead. Rudolph Harmony and his tireless champions be praised! Theren Brightwood, Nim and Uthrid live as do their dwarven utility crew: Holgar the Artimist, Kamaand the Rune Priest, Borri the mastersmith’s apprentice, Gorec the sneak and Finn the giantslayer. One storm archon remains as well as freed prisoners Foddy the elf and Keak the gnome. Eight elf prisoners and Dram the dwarf as well as two storm archons have recently been lost from the party. But many objectives have been achieved. Snurry is dead as well as his bride and many of his best giants. Ombi Ironwhisperer is slain and his body will be returned to the dwarves of Canyon City to be raised and stood trial. The drow have been uncovered and some of their agents have been slain but their leader Enclavdra, priestest of Lolth is loose somewhere in the mountain. The remaining fire giants have been spying the party from a distance. The remaining enemy numbers are unknown. Moonshadow brings Rudy’s heroes to lucky 13.


bullyDM bullyDM

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