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New Quests

After being rewarded by the Ghost Talon shadar kai, the adventurers went to Irontooth’s former lair where refugees and bandits were hiding out. They delivered the message to Carthain the former bandit lord that Fallcrest would welcome anyone who wished to come back to the town and be an upstanding citizen. Nim made it clear that any raids on merchant caravans would be punished. Terrlen Darkseeker, former Thunderspire guide and current werewolf, snuck up behind the adventurers as they talked but he greeted them warmly and assured them that Jax the Fox kept the former bandits in line and anyone who wanted to go back to town were welcome to leave the group.
After speaking with the refugees, the adventurers took a trip to Keep Restwell. They wanted to see if the Mages of Saruun would assist them in dealing with Paldemar. They spoke with a silver masked Mage about Paldemar and also the thinning of the mortal world and the links between it and the Shadowfell and the Feywild. The Mage believed the thinning of the worlds was unrelated to Paldemar. He asked Rudy if he knew a dragonborn witch called Surina. Rudy was vaguely familiar with her. She was thought to be crazy by the people of the seven pillared hall when the Beheaders had been rescuing Farrah Goldleaf from the Horned Hold. He also recalled that she had told Brother Iannas that he could find Rudy in Janus Gull on the date that Rudy had accidentally arrived there. Brother Iannas had reached that Demiplane a year too early however and died and it was his ghost that had relayed this to Rudy.
The Mage now told Rudy that he had met Surinam and that she seemed to know quite a bit about Rudy. She had told the Mage that Rudy would come to him and that he should tell Rudy to seek out the dancing hut of Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga was an archfey known to some as the mother of all witches. It would be a perilous quest because Baba Yaga was unpredictable and was just as apt to eat someone seeking her advice as she was to help them. Her hut could presently be found at the edge of the Winterbole Forest just north of the Sword Barrows. The reason Surina told the Mage they should seek Baba Yaga was because Acererak the demilich was responsible for the thinning of the worlds and his ultimate goal may be even worse. Destroying the eldritch engines had delayed his plans but he still needed to be stopped. The adventurers needed to explore Acererak’s former tomb for clues as to his plan, they might even find him there. The tomb was located in Skull City centuries ago and the only ones in the area that would know of it’s location would be an ancient dragon or an archfey. So the adventurers were given a few quests: find Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut, gain an audience with the archfey, learn the location of Skull City, explore Acererak’s tomb and ultimately foil his plan.


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