Cheap Whiskey

Nosnra and Vaarg

The adventurers launched their attack on the hill giant chief Nosnra in the main hall when he sent a couple giants to the front gate to replace the guards. At this time he had also sent some orcs slaves and an ogre taskmaster to the kitchens with a cooked pig and lamb so that the rear dining room could be prepared for Vaarg and some other giant raiders who resided in the barracks. The dwarves headed off the replacement guards while the adventurers dealt with Nosnra and his attendants. The dwarves did a good job and brought down twoi giants while the adventurers killed Nosnra and the others. One giant escaped the hall and ran to the kitchens to alert Vaarg. After sweeping through the hall for valuables the adventurers fortified themselves in one of the hallways and took a short rest. Soon giant were banging on the hallway doors and another battle took place. Vaarg was a hill giant werewolf and the dwarves tried to hold him off as well as a pack of five dire wolves whiule the adventures battled giants and ogres at the other end of the hall. Ultimately Vaarg was killed. Theren peppered him with silver arrows that had been found in an urn by Nosnra’s chair in the main hall. The dire wolves fled when Vaarg dropped and the other giants and ogres were defeated. Alden and Durin, two of the dwarves were killed in the battle with Vaarg and some of them contracted moon fever. In all, four hill giants, 15 orc slaves and the five dire wolves fled the steading. Finn and Gorek took posts in the steading watchtower and everone else rested. Nim and Holgar used remove affliction rituals to heal those who contracted moon fever and to remove the curses the adventurers had picked up in Baba Yaga’s hut. Removing the curses almost cost Uthrid his life but Theren assisted with some crucial advice and Holgar succeeded with the ritual. Holgar and Kammand cast a gentle repose ritual over the bodies of Alden and Durin. After exploring the entire top level of the steading another stairway to the basement was discovered in a secret room off of Nosnra’s den. A magical vegeful longsword was found in the barracks and Uthrid took possession of the weapon.


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