Cheap Whiskey

Searching for the Shadow Rift

Ooze and Undead, oh my!

As the adventurers were preparing to search the dungeon after their extended rest they heard the eerie whisper of some chanting and then tremors shook the ruined keep followed by a chilling draft and the dank smell of decay. They hurried to the lower level hoping they were not too late to prevent the rift from being opened.

Below they found that some torches had blown out or been knocked from their holders by the tremors. Moving stealthly they passed through another room with a well in it's center and ignored some doors. Baal sensed that the chilling draft and the gloom were coming from a southern corridor off the new room with the well. This corridor led to a room with doble doors in the southern wall and western wall.

They opened the southern doors and found a large room with a huge statue of an armored person holding a sword. The statues base had crumbled and it lay on its side. There were two smaller statues of dragons. One was cracked and a blue flame burned from it – illuminating the room but giving off no heat. Two small statues of cherubs holding urns had collapsed near a door to the south and water covered the floor. The door's stone frame was cracked askew and the doors were slightly ajar. Low moans could be heard from beyond the door.

The adventurers backed out of this room and tried the doors in the western wall. A corridor led around a corner south to some new double doors. Morthos scouted these doors and found a corridor behind it which broke to the east and west after about 20 feet. The rest of the party followed behind him. To the east the corridor ended after about 30 feet and there were two large alcoves in the southern wall. The western passage turned south after 15 feet. The party moved to the west.

Suddenly, Baal- in the back - cried out. He was hit by blow of clear slime and a huge gelatinous cube emerged from the closest alcove in the eastern passage. He was dazed and immobilized. Morthos continued down the southern corridor and found a room with two stone caskets standing upright against the western wall and a small door in the eastern wall. The rest of the party came to Baal's aid. He was taking acid damage from the cube. Afetr a few rounds of combat the cube had engulfed Torinn and Barnoble as well. Morthos joined the others in the battle. Baal was knocked unconscious by the cube but the party managed to destroy it before he was killed. Rudy healed him and the party took a short rest.

They went to the small door in the room to the south and as Morthos was examining it the caskets burst open and two corruption corpses burst out slinging their corroded flesh at the party as more necrotic goo replaced that which they flung. The party engaged them and found they needed to burn the hideous corpses after they overcame them otherwise the corpses would continue to regenerate the necrotic goo. Behind the small door they found a room with a small chest of old moldering children's clothes. Amoung the clothes they found some jewelry with the names of Sir Keegan's children engraved on a couple pieces.

They returned to the statue room. Behind the broken doors in the southern wall they found a large room full of zombies with a ghoul as well a small clay gargoyle type creature. The ghoul was tough and nearly overcame Rudy but the party destroyed the undead and the clay scout. A large set of stairs led down to some huge double doors in the eastern wall. A small crack in the western wall was a passage that led to a room where the party found a bag of holding with a bunch of gold pieces in it.


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