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The Council Of Krombaalt

Krombaalt, Storm Giant Lord, hosts the council in his castle in the clouds. He is an old widower with sons Quaron and Farmol and daughter Elektra. Krombaalt, wears a platinum circlet around his head with a huge pink diamond at his forehead. His hair is white as is the handsome beard on his huge purple jaw. He wears fine long robes and sandals. He carries a magnificent morningstar. His sons are dressed for battle with greatswords but the aura of thunder and lightening around all four of the storm giants is enough to command the room. Elektra is in a fine robe with a purse.

Ohrmarr, elder bronze dragon, is not present but has spoken to Krombaalt about his concerns.

Prince Palil Moonbeam, elf from the Rain Valley, his sister Princess Moonshadow is believed to be a prisoner of King Snurre Ironbelly. He is young with polished elven chainmail.
Luesan “Riddlewine” Firebrook accompanies the prince. She is dressed in leatherleaf, carries a pair of swords and a bow.

Zalko Blighthammer, dwarf merchant, son Dram was captured during a giant raid.

King Kannan and the dwarves of Ekkia Byror have abandoned their outpost. Borri, Finn, Gorec, Holgar and Kamaand are among the sixty dwarves that are filling Krombaalts rooms in the western portion of the castle.

Malrion Movrymm, eladrin, son of Councilor Saffrenia Movrynn. Fine robes and staff.
There is a small community of eladrin occupying the southern portion of the castle.

Danica Stonesong

Utanu, Stone Giant Seer, believed Ogremoch guided him to unearth the Stone Of Madness, he now knows it was the Elder Elemental Eye.

A small, red and white striped tent sits atop a crenelated tower in the eastern portion of the tower. It looks like the Mihajla’s tent.


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