Cheap Whiskey

The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga

The adventurers travelled back across the western Nentir Vale from Restwell Keep to Winterhaven and on to Fallcrest. Uthrid sent letters to the senetors of Sosh were his family had holdings. They were the regions governed by Senetor Barjun and Senetor Herrack.
Theren sent message to his family in the Rain Valley.
They all headed north through the Sword Barrows and found the Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga at the edge of the Winterbole Forest. The 15 foot wide and tall hexegonal hut sat upon two 15 foot chicken legs and spun in erratic circles as the chicken legs danced within a 100 foot diameter circular fence. The fence seemed to grow out of the ground and sttod five feet in height. It was topped at each post by a humanoid skull with glowing red eyes. A gate to the fence was constructed of vertically aligned bones but some bones constructed a mouth-like adornment in the gate’s center. When the adventurers approached the mouth spoke. It asked them if they had an invitation which they did not. Theren explained that they wanted to consult Baba Yaga about the whereabouts of Skull City and the legendary Tomb of Horrors. After convincing the guardian fence that they meant the Archfey no harm they were allowed to pass. The simple 15 X 15 foot hut was actually enormous within. The first room of the hut appeared to be the entirety of it except for a door directly opposite the one in which the entered, and a ladder which led to a door in the ceiling, and a hidden trap door in the floor. Vladamir the cat told them about the hidden door. He was an actual cat that could speak and was very sad but kind. He was not allowed to leave that first room but the heroes fed him and were kind to him and he told them as much about the place as he could. Mostly that Baba Yaga was often cruel and always unpredictable.
Inside, the adventurers battled some shadow puppeteers. Nim was tricked into touching a strange thrown in a long pillared hall by an apparition of Baba Yaga, the touch caused his mind to become confused and he would have suffered psychic damage if not for the protection of his purple dragon commanders’ ring. His initiative has suffered since this took place. He has disturbing thoughts that he can never quite remember a second later but they are distracting and often leave him feeling a sense of dread.
A drunken mouse, the size of a cat, gave them directions to Baba Yaga’s room after they went with him to the wine cellar for a drink. When they reached Baba Yaga’s room they were immediately attacked by Baba Yaga, a night hag, a slime devil and a clay gollum. The night hag and clay gollum were brought down during the long combat but so were Uthrid, Rudy and Theren. Theren activated the Sun Sliver during that battle and shortly after he fell unconscious. Nim escaped the room and met a woman who claimed to be the Archfey’s daughter Natasha. She was beautiful and convinced the gnome to return to the Baba Yaga. Natasha was sent away immediately after she escorted Nim to Baba Yaga’s quarters. It was a large room with a cauldron in the center, in which the slime devil had been hiding. Four rooms were curtained off symmetrically from the octagon shaped room. The clay golem still lay on the floor but the night hag, the slime devil and Nim’s friends were nowhere to be seen. The creature they had believed to be Baba Yaga stood frozen in the middle of the room with a shocked expression. A secret door was open in one of the walls and the real Baba Yaga stood by a red knight. The knight was fully suited in armor and carried a heavy shield and longsword. His face was not visible behind the helmet. Nim was nearly powerless against the real Archfey and he surrendered all of his belongings. Nim then willing drank a potion that Baba Yaga ordered him to and he fell unconscious.


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