Cheap Whiskey

The Howling Crag

The adventurers were given the directions to a secret passage into the warrens beneath the Howling Crag. They managed to get through without killing any stone giants and destroyed the purple stone which had driven the Thane mad. They brokered an alliance after the Thane came to his senses. The Thane’s sister was arrested by the Thane and his frost giant emmissary was sent back to the Glacial Rift. Danica Songstone, a dwarf emmissary, was released along with 10 dwarf masons. The dwarves and stone giants sent the adventurers to the Glacial Rift on a pair of rocs. They hope Theren, Uthrid, Nim and Rudy can infiltrate the Glacial Rift before the frost giant emmissary returns there and tells the Jarl that the treaty with the stone giants is broken. The dwarves are sending Finn, Borri, Gorec, Holgar and Kamaand to meet the adventurers but they must travel on foot and will take a few days. The dwarves also have given the adventurers a powerful item called a dragon orb which the can use against the twin dragons who are said to guard the doors to the Jarl’s fortress. The adventurers’ mission are to assassinate Jarl Grundar and steal his battleplans as well as meet with a frost giant called Vaald who claims he is the Jarl’s advisor and has promised the dwarves he will end hostilities if they kill the Jarl.


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