Farrah Goldleaf

Farrah is a beautiful, young, red-haired half elf woman - the daughter of Baron Stockmer.


Half a dozen small villages lie along the upper vales of the White River. Together, they make up the Barony of Harkenwold – a tiny realm whose total population is not much greater than Fallcrest’s. The people of Harkenwold are farmers, woodcutters, and woodworkers; little trade comes up or down the old King’s Road.

The ruler of Harkenwold is Baron Stockmer, an elderly man who was known for his strong sword arm in his youth. He is a just and compassionate ruler. Farrah Goldleaf is his daughter. The Baron is married to an elf from the Woodsinger Clan that roams the eastern portion of the Harken Forest. Farrah’s mother stays with the Woodsinger Clan, she is still only middle aged being an elf. She is a ranger and patrols the forest defending against the Daggerburg goblins.

Farrah assisted her father ruling the villages. She took up residence in the village of Riverbend a few months before it was raided by the Bloodreaver goblinoid slavers. Of the one hundred and nine residents of the Riverbend Village at least one third were killed and at least one third captured. Whether the others escaped is unknown to the slaves taken to Thunderspire Mountain.

The Bloodreavers broke into two groups as the village burned and the prisoners were split between them. One group was led east and a group of twenty one were led to Thunderspire Mountain. The prisoners were immediately told that there was only a need for thirteen of them – and even fewer if their western friends had much success – so if they wanted to live they had better follow orders. Farrah helped the other prisoners keep hope even when living conditions and the cruelty of the goblinoids took more than a few of the captives lives on the way to the labyrith.

The few capable fighting men and women of the village had been killed trying to defend it when the Bloodreavers attacked. Even more hopeful but not-so-capable men and women died as well. A few of the prisoners were strong, subdued adults but those were taken east. The group taken to Thunderspire were the young, their mothers and the elderly. Of the twenthy one taken from Riverbend twelve arrived at the Horned Hold. A mother and her toddler and infant were killed along the way as well a large woman who could not keep quiet after the horrifying murder of the former three. The three oldest prisoners died from the hardship as well as two youths who tried to escape.

The murdered mother’s nine-year-old son was among the prisoners and Farrah saved his life by restraining him much of the journey verbally and physically at times. Of the other ten there were two mothers (Lena & Joule) with three young children – two boys (Peter & Jon) and a girl (Vera), two older ladies (May & Corine) and three older men.

Outside Thunderspire the Bloodreavers met up with another faction of their group who had four prisoners – three men and a woman. The woman and two of the men were farmers from Winterhaven and the man was an explorer from Fallcrest who had been working at a dragon burial site near Winterhaven. He claimed to have been captured by demon worshipers and sold to the Bloodreavers. His name was Douven Staul.

Once reaching Thunderspire the prisoners were taken to the Chamber of Eyes. Two days later they were sold to the duergar and were with the duergar for three days before the Beheaders showed up. One of the older men and Douven Staul were sold to some gnolls a day ago. The two mothers and their three children were in the the western pit with the two older ladies. Farrah, the nine year old boy (Geoff), the two remaining older men and three farmers from Winterhaven were in the eastern pit. Farrah and the boy lived through the Brimstone Hail attack but the other five perished.

Farrah Goldleaf

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