Jaryn wears gray armor and a cloak with Pelor's Sun embossed. He is lean, tall with staright light brown hair and a scar down his left cheek.


Jaryn is a veteran of the group Light of the Sun who help protect the Coastal Provinces at Bridgeblock. He is a paladin of Pelor.

Recently, over the last five years, the lands north of Bridgeblock have been troubled by a group called the Hand of Naarash. They are a group of cultists consisting of various humanoids (goblinoids, humans, dragonborn, tieflings, etc). They have raided isolated villages around the area “cleansing” the population of those who will not join their cause.

A year ago Makkus Day sent Jaryn and a group of trusted allies into the north to find a place called the Pillars of the Night, the cultists temple, where it is believed the Hand of Naarash is building an army. They have not returned.


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