Uthrid Ragnarson

A soldier from the City of Sosh


A bull of a man, usually with a scowl on his face.


Uthrid grew up in the City of Sosh and was schooled in weaponry and horsemanship. His father Ragnar was a Lord of Sosh with estates that Uthrid knows little about. The estate was to be passed down to his brother Ragnar and Uthrid cared little about the details. He cared about making a reputation as a warrior and horseman. His younger brother Erthic fell in with a bad crowd and disappeared from Sosh. Uthrid and his older brother followed Erthic’s trail into the wilderness beyond Cheap Whiskey and Ragnar was killed in the Warwood by an Astral Stalker. Uthrid escaped the Stalker, barely, and later found that Erthic had been hideously mutated by foulspawn cultists who exposed him to energies from the Far Realm. Uthrid does not know what has become of Erthic who fled into the Warwood after Uthrid found him. Uthrid’s father Ragnar was kidnapped from Spearpoint with Perry Harvest who when rescued revealed that Ragnar had been eaten by a group of rakshasa. Uthrid has not had the opportunity to return home since he left with Ragnar to find Erthic.

Uthrid Ragnarson

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