a gnome sorcerer


Usually dressed in dark robes, Nim keeps his hood up and tries to pass himself off as harmless. When he wants to show his dangerous side he lowers his hood to reveal a wild mohawk hairstyle and a scalp painted with arcane tatoos. He can dominate a room with his presence when he wants despite his short stature. He is a goodlooking creature and has a distinct likeability to his character.


Nim is an only child. His parents are tree farmers from the Harken Forest who live among the Woodsinger Elf clan. He left home semi-disgraced at a young age after an accident with his powers that he doesn’t like to talk about. He returned a few years later much more a master of his talents and impressed the gnome elders with his diplomacy to such a degree that they named him the “Voice of the Harken Gnomes” in matters dealing with the humans in the area. Nim has started to create a network of eyes and ears in the Nentir Vale and Southern Provinces but has had a setback or two.


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