Rudolph Harmony

a warlord, born in Kulltown, raised in Fallcrest


Mature for his age, dark hair, dark eyes, strong, intelligent and inspiring.


Rudolph is the son of Marissa, a mysterious woman who came to Fallcrest in the year 982 N.S. of the Southern Provincial calendar. Rudy knows that “Marissa” was not his Mother’s given name. He was born in Kulltown and his Mother’s initials were MK. He has only the vaguest memories of his father, an elf of great mystery himself. His father was associated with a secret organization called The Seekers Of Truth and had a tiefling friend known as Watcher. Rudy and his mother fled their estate in Kulltown under the protection of Watcher when Rudy was 5 years old. Rudy presumes his father Koehar Harmony died on that day. Rudy’s mother travelled around the southern provinces for 5 years before settling in Fallcrest. Rudy was a quick learner in matters of strategy and had been regarded as a fine member of the Fallcrest garrison when his mother died of illness when he was a young man. It was then he learned the name of his father and took on his last name. He has not so far explored his ancestors the Harmony tribe in the Rain Valley. He has not explored Kulltown, the city that died.

Rudolph Harmony

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