Lord Armos Kamroth

The New Lord Warden of Fallcrest


In 952NS, Armos Kamroth rose to the position of Lord Warden of Fallcrest after Faren Markelhey was found murdered. Lady Markelhey was accused of the crime.

Armos owns much of the farm land around Fallcrest and is landlord to a large percentage of the population.

Since becoming Lord Warden he has sentenced Lady Markelhey to be put to death for the murder of her husband. He is in the process of building up the garrison. He reportedly has the full support of the town porters, support from a faction of Hammerfast dwarves and support from the Lord Earl William Invidia from the Central Dominance. The Central Dominance has reportedly told him they will be sending an Scion of the Black Hand to help the new Lord Warden with administrative details.


Lord Armos Kamroth

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