Cheap Whiskey


Baal Riverwind worked quickly trying to stop the blood flowing from the wound Irontooth had cleaved into Rudy's chest. If Baal was not successful in the next few moments, Rudolph Harmony would be dead. The adventurers found the kobold lair easily enough from the map Lord Padraig had drawn up. Outside the waterfall the battle had nearly been a rout of the kobolds. A slinger had managed to slip away from the battle and warn those waiting behind the waterfall. Baal had been knocked unconscious in that fight when a skirmisher snuck up on him as the others engaged. That skirmisher was killed by the other adventurers and after a short rest Baal was back on his feet.

Inside the waterfall the kobolds were ready for the intruders. As the adventurers trickled in the minions and skirmishers attempted to flank them. The battle seemed to favor Baal and his friends at first. Soon most of the minions were cut down but the skirmishers fought on as the second wave of cave denizens joined the combat. Theren, Rudy and Baal were dealing with the skirmishers when a grizzled, old goblin with a huge tooth on his lower mandible charged Theren from the back ofthe cave. Barn-E-5 engaged him but he was assaulted by the slinger and a wyrmpriest using ranged attacks. Meanwhile two dragonshields had brought the fight to Torinn and Morthos. The battle required all the party had to offer and at times four of them hit the floor. Torinn was struck down temporarily by one dragonshield after he had felled one. Morthos killed the other dragonshield and Torinn was back on his feet shortly. The skirmishers were killed but Theren was brought down in the process and Barn-E-5 evntually succumbed to the ranged attacks from the slinger and wyrmpriest. Then came the fierce blow by a bloodied Irontooth. Rudy went sprawling in a spray of blood as Torinn and Theren and Barn-E-5 tried to drag themselves from the floor and get a second wind. Torinn reached Irontooth before Irontooth could get to Baal and Torinn delivered his most vicious strike of the day. With his last breath Irontooth screamed, "Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!" The rest of the kobolds were killed and the group gathered around Rudy. Baal successfully bandaged Rudy and he was out of danger.

Wrafton's Inn

Miss Wrafton welcomes the travelers to Winterhaven. They reserve rooms and order a feast while they wait for Lord Padraig. Bravluna retires to his room. He's feeling sick, again.

"He misses the peninsula." suggests Torinn.

The feasts turns into a bit of a party with the adventurers retelling their recent battles with kobolds, the dragon and the masked humans led by the priest of Tiamat. There is much singing and drinking. They meet Eilan an old farmer and Valthrun the priescient as well as Miss Wrafton.

Lord Padraig shows up and is very interested to hear the stories. They discuss the kobold bandits. He knows where the lair is and will pay the party 5 gold per kobold. He knows something has been stirring them up and the party tells him about the note from Irontooth. They discuss Douven Staul – Eilan knows where the burial site is and it's not far from the kobold lair. They hear word of a ruined keep nearby. Torinn wonders if the most treasure might be find in the keep. Valthrun tells them it is probably a goblin hideout now but he will look into the keep's history and have more information when he sees them again.

The party decides the kobold lair provides them immediate payment so they will take that job and also check out the burial site if all goes well.

The Road to Winterhaven

  ...Winterhaven a 50 mile journey…late afternoon the road becomes hilly and overgrown with weeds…still half a days trip to Winterhaven at nightfall…camp in a clearing in a crop of woods on the side of the road…Theren and Rudy take the first watch… shadows moving among the trees…Theren attacked…a masked rogue…a vicious dagger attack….draconic chanting…evil divination…a prayer to Tiamat…Theren unconscious…the rogue retreats…two lackeys engage Bralvuna and Morthos…Torinn's sweeping strike knocks the priest prone…eight masked rabble attack…lackeys and rabble die…the priest stands…a five headed dragon appears over his head and swoops down at Torinn, Bralvuna and Morthos…all three flee…the priest uses the opportunity to slip away with the rogue…the dragon is a fear spell…Theren is healed…the rest of the night is uneventful…the next day… kobolds attack just a few miles outside of Winterhaven…easy encounter but Morthos gets knocked unconscious… its evening as they reach Winterhaven…

Breakfast with Lord Markelhey

  "Many of the townspeople are nervous about a dragon being discovered so close to town. They want you to stick around and deal with any trouble that might come about. Others think you should investigate "haunted" areas around the town like the Tower of Waiting or the Tombwood or the Catacombs. That is all nonesense.

"Brandelmar, a dwarven cleric of Pelor who is from Hammerfast believes you should try to root out bandits along the Trade Road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast. But I haven't heard of any bandit activity on that road for a while.

"Another cleric of Pelor named Marla from a village in Harkenwold contacted me about rumors of a death cult headed west a couple months ago but she didn't have any solid leads to their whereabouts.

"Go to Winterhaven, ask Lord Padraig about kobolds and this Irontooth. Also, there is a woman who is looking for information about her husband and was willing to pay 200 gold pieces. Her husband went to Winterhaven several weeks ago with a map of an ancient burial site where a dragon is believed to be buried. The site is south of Winterhaven and her husband hopes he will find treasure there. His name is Douven Staul and he hasn't been heard from in a couple of weeks."

A word with Lynn

  "Rudy , we haven't had time to gather much information but I heard about the dragon – news travels pretty fast around town. Take the job in Winterhaven. An old man was poking around the property. Ardellosia spoke with him. He was angry and rude – Armos Kamroth – a self proclaimed "Lord". He had been hoping to purchase this farmhouse and was mad that we purchased it in your name."

Kobold Hall

  ...the adventurers found the merchant's wagon ransacked on the King's Road ten miles west of town…the two men-at-arms were dead…Lord Warden suspected kobolds were hiding out at an old ruined manor hall in the Cloak Wood…10gp for every dispatched kobold…Theren picked up the trail into the Cloak Wood…four miles in they found the ruins…a trap door…a pit with glowing, green sludge…reptilian humanoid…"Intrudersss! Intrudersss!"... Therren and Morthos…arrows and shuriken…kobold slinger…dragonborn fighters…kobold skirmisher…spear in the side of Torinn…another slinger and two more skirmishers…3 dead kobold…2 retreat…"Pursuit!"...vandalized coffins…suits of armor…an alter… 5 kobolds…dart trap…immobilized…Morthos stabbed unconscious…skirmisher surrendered to Bralvuna…4 more dead kobolds…60gold pieces…shrine to Tiamat – goddess of greed, destruction and evil dragons…a wyrmpriest…secret door…a dark and freezing cold, large cavern…a young white dragon…Morthos frozen unconscious by breath…Barn-E-5 knocked the dragon prone…Rudy hit with his daily power…Torinn delivered a ton of damage…Theren and Baal finished him off…Szartharrax slain… found a green dragon hide, some gold and a magic longsword…a note…Irontooth…raid caravans by Winterhaven…dragon carcass, 18 kobold heads and prisoner back to Fallcrest…

Enubrius the Bronze


My pilgrimage from the Arkvana Peninsula to the Rain Valley is begun. Some fellow dragonborn escorted me up to Fallcrest. Two strong, young warriors, Torinn who swings a great axe and Bralvuna who wields a falchion will be left here in the Nentir Vale with Ardellosia. They were both born on the peninsula and have little experience with the rest of the world but they show promise and should make great defenders for our recon team. We picked up an eager, young tiefling from the Azaer family in Bridgeblock. His name is Morthos and he is good with knives and throwing stars. He'll be one of the scouts. The Azaer family is also sending a defender from Archertown named Abilon Azaer to work with Ardellosia gathering information in Fallcrest. The elves and eladrin sent an escort to meet me and guide me through the Winterbold Forest to the Rain Valley. I'll be meeting with Barnoble Eeace the Fourth and Vyndra Sysvani in the Autumn City after I pass through the fey rift. I am encouraged that the Rain Valley contingent has stepped forward with such honorable representatives for our recon team. Barnoble sent his own heir, an eladrin soldier, Barnoble Eeace the Fifth. Vyndra has sent her niece Lynn Sysvani to lead our agents in Fallcrest. Ardellosia and Abilon will answer to her and they will assist the recon team. Representing the elves are a wizard from the Riverwind tribe and a ranger from the Brightwoods. They are Baal and Theren respectively. I'm told a half elf, who grew up in Fallcrest, will be joining the group though I will not have the chance to meet him. He is a half-elf, military strategist named Rudolph Harmony. I will now go explain to the team our plan.         ~Enubrius

"Friends, I will be leaving in the morning for the Rain Valley. You young people were selected by your families for a very important assignment. You are to stay behind here in the Nentir Vale.

"As you probably know, trade between our societies goes the route of all trade in this region – through the City of Kulltown. We believe the noble families of Kulltown and the surrounding earldoms which serve Kulltown rule as tyrants and we do not wish to further their power.

"We would like to reroute our trade through the Nentir Vale and Fallcrest in particular. Fallcrest has been a prominent trade town in the past but has been overrun by orcs and other evils twice in the past two centuries. Therefore, we want you to serve as our recon team to clear the Vale of possible threats. Lynn, Ardellosia and Abilon will set up headquarters in Fallcrest and gather information. The rest of you will hire yourselves out for honorable deeds and build a good reputation while you clean up the Vale.

"One last thing, the merchants of Kulltown are not going to like to lose business and will try to subvert our plan if they find out about it. It could take quite a bit of time before we are able to defend the route if they decided to raid it. So keep the route secret and focus on gaining respect among the people of the Vale.

"You will meet with the Lord Warden of Fallcrest tomorrow morning. He is a human named Markelhey. He has a problem with kobolds and needs your help."

The kobold prisoner

Oh hey. They call me Pitzy. I wasn't expecting any visitors. I see you speak draconic. Did you bring any food?

Me? Aw, a bunch of fairy elves and some dragonborn came bustin into our hideout and started choppin heads off. The whole thing was messed up. It all started when Szartharrax annointed that stupid Red Wyrmpriest as our leader. You see I was part of the green skull kicker clan but that big white bully ate our leader Jeekie and made us listen to that nut job from the red skull kickers. I mean, he has us attack wagons on the same part of the road for weeks and expects you softskins not to catch on?

Hell, I heard you guys named those ruins we hid out at kobold hall years ago. It was just a matter of time before some brutes came through your town looking for a bounty and routed us out. Don't get me wrong though. I put up a fight. Those brutes had a tiefling with em that liked to throw stars. He tripped one of our traps and then we just surrounded him kobold style and dropped him with some good stabs. He survived though, I saw him staggering back to town with us. I think Szartharrax caught him with his cold breath later after I was a prisoner.

I had to surrender. We were getting massacred. One more hit and I was dead. I said screw it. Either I die now or when Szartharrax kills these brutes then he'll eat me so I'll just wait it out. Turned into a pretty good decision though.

No? Hey, I fought almost to the death.

Yeah, Szartharrax was a living representation of the Great Mother. I see what you mean. So you're a follower of Hers? I heard she had some softskinned sympathizers.

Ouch! So…your more than just a sympathizers. Ow! I'm sorry! I'll try to serve her better! Owwwww! Please! Give me another chance! Ow! Ow! Owwwwwwwch!

(sizzle, sizzle, sizzle)



How's it goin'? My name is Teldorthan. I'm the only masterwork arms maker here in Fallcrest so stop by my shop if you need anything new. I do repairs, as well, although my plate is a little full now that I got that green dragon hide back from those kobold bandits.

What a week it's been. I lost the dragon hide when the merchant wagon that was bringing it to me got ambushed by kobolds on the King's Road. Foolish me had taken responsibility for the hide before it ever arrived here and I thought I was sunk when it was lost. Do you know how much a good dragon hide costs? Well, let's just say the 200 gold I paid for reward was a bargain.

Well, not only did I get that green hide back, but now I've got a future commission to make some wyrmscale out of the carcass of a young, white dragon that was killed while my green hide was being rescued. You see, all these new faces suddenly showed up around town. Some dragonborn from down south came up the King's Road to Fallcrest. They're from the Arkvana Peninsula – some sort of protected breeding ground for the dragonborn. They were led by a cleric of the platinum dragon – a dragonborn called Enubrius the Bronze. They had some tieflings and humans with them, too.

The dragonborn had trekked to the City of Sosh where they picked up the King's Road and took it up through Spearpoint and Bridgeblock and past the little villages of Harkenwold. Said they didn't run into any trouble along the way which was lucky in these dark times. There always seem to be bandits or beasts harassing travelers along the roads into town which is why the trade route dried up in the first place and which is why I'm a damn fool for ever agreeing to take responsibility for that green hide before I got my hands on it. I'll never do that again.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, the dragonborn…well, they weren't the only newcomers to town. Some elves and eladrin came down through the Winterbole Forest. They are some sort of protectors of the Rain Valley to the north. You ever been up that way? Neither have I but they say there is a rift to the feywild in that valley which opens up under a canopy of flowering trees each night at dusk as the rain washes over the valley. Quite a sight, I guess, evidently the tribes of elves up there protect the valley from threats trying to enter or exit the feywild.

So this Enubrius the Bronze was meeting these elves so they could escort him up to the Rain Valley. That was smart. If I was going through Winterbole I sure would want a squad of elves protecting my back….not that you ever will catch me crossing through that forest.

Word is that Enubrius and the Rain Valley contingent met with Lord Warden Markelhey before departing and then left behind a group of young adventurers to help the Lord Warden and other residents clean up the threats in the Nentir Vale. Now, they don't work for free, but I've met some of them and they're reasonable folk and effective. Why, three days after they showed up I had my green dragon hide back, Kobold Hall was cleaned out of kobolds and they slew a young, white dragon they found in the hall's basement.

 The Lord Warden was commissioning them to go get them kobolds one morning when a merchant came running into town saying he had just been ambushed the kobolds during the night. The whole group packed up their bags and headed west on the King's Road. Two days later they come through the King's gate with the merchants wagon, my green dragon hide, a white dragon carcass and nineteen kobold heads. I hear the Lord Warden paid them 10 gold pieces per head.

I had some drinks with one of the dragonborn warriors last night. He's going to pay me to make wyrmscale out of that white dragon as soon as he can afford it. You see, the dragon scales need some strong magical enhancement in order make them into armor. Without the enhancement working with the scales is impossible. It will be great armor when completed but it will be expensive. The amount of residium needed will cost about 45,000 gold pieces. For the time being I'll make the remainder of the hide into a couple sets of hide armor and see if I can sell of the meat and organs.

Torinn is the dragonborn warriors name and there is another dragonborn warrior called Bralvuna. Enubrius left those two as well as a tiefling named Morthos Azaer. He is related to the family that owns the trading company House Azaer. He carries alot of knives and throwing stars.

The folks from the Rain valley left behind three people as well. One is an eladrin soldier named Barnoble Eeace the Fifth and there are two elves – a ranger named Theren Brightwood and a wizard named Baal Riverwind. Also, a local half-elf whose mother recently passed away has joined their group. He had been a member of the town guard for a short while and they say he has a knack for military strategy. His name is Rudolph Harmony.

They all met with Lord Warden Markelhey this morning and are following some clues they found about more kobold bandits near the western town of Winterhaven. They left right after breakfast. I wish them luck.


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