Cheap Whiskey

Rescuing Uthrid from The Black Petal

Nim, Theren and Rudy made quick plans as they healed up from their initial fight with the Black Petal and her undead escort. When they teleported back into the room the marrowshriek skeleton they had destroyed still lay on the floor but Uthrid and the enemies remaining were not to be seen. The spectral tendrils immediately wafted from the floor and tried to attack. With some luck from Nim, Theren avoided the tendrils and moved away from the teleportation circle – to the right side of the room. The boneclaw was creeping around the curved wall in the center of the room. As it charged Theren, the elf fired his bow. He hit and the boneclaw attacked with his long arms and claws. After firing, Theren shifted and a marrowshriek skeleton appeared from where he had stood invisible. Theren shifted away from it but was dazed when the creature shrieked. Another marrowshriek skeleton appeared on the other side of the teleportation circle and dazed Nim when he shrieked and then grabbed him. Nim broke free and Rudy followed Theren. Theren and Rudy were clear of the spectral tendrils. Theren charged past the boneclaw and was clawed again. Beyond the boneclaw he saw the Black Petal standing by a large stone sarcophogus. Rudy and Nim battled the marrowshriek skeletons. The boneclaw and Black Petal harrassed Theren. A marrowshriek skeleton fell as the battle raged and all the party members had moved closer to the sarcophogus on which the Black Petal now stood. All party members had been wounded by the undead to varying degree. Nim hit the Black Petal with two spells and Theren added an arrow. She was bloodied. Suddenly the entire tower shook as if from a strong quake in the earth. The Black Petal had been thrown against the wall by Nim’s spell. She teleported across the room and ran for the teleportation circle and left the room. The adventurers took down the last two undead and Theren threw open the sarcophogus. Inside lay Uthrid nearly dead. He was stripped down to his small clothes, all his possessions were gone. The tower continued to shake and the party felt vertigo. Rudy healed Uthrid and the fighter awoke with serious distress. He babbled about a succubus and a black army but soon shouted, “The tower is sinking into the ground!” The party ran to the teleportation circle. They were assaulted by the spectral tendrils but managed to make it to the circle and escaped the room. They ran to the spiral stairs s the tower continued to shake. In the stairwell the could hear water rushing in below. They ran to the private chambers – the only room with a window in the tower. They burst through the door and saw that the window was at ground level. They only had a few seconds to escape. Theren and Rudy took damage getting out the window but they all got out alive. Outside there was no sight of their horses or The Black Petal. A large army was gathered on the other side of the tower, waiting for it to sink back into the ground so they could march. Hoping they hadn’t been seen, the adventurers ran into the woods and took cover. Uthrid then had a chance to tell them about a dreamlike vision he had while unconscious.

Uthrid was sitting at a table in the grand hall of a Keep. He was discussing books with two men and a woman. One man he recognized as Jonathan Steward. He looked very old. He was wearing only his underclothes as were the other two people who were middle aged but not familiar to Uthrid. Uthrid felt confused and uncomfortable. He was not sure what had been going on for the last few minutes. He was frustrated because he was not familiar with the books the other three were speaking of and he had nothing to offer to the conversation. As Uthrid’s attention was drawn to a window in the room that overlooked the grounds he heard the woman addressed as “Crysilla” and the man as “Jobeck”.

A dark figure stood by the window with its back to Uthrid. Shadows moved outside the window and Uthrid saw dark figures moving around campsites picking up and readying to move. Uthrid felt a dark figure stading by him and it seemed he had moved to stand by the window. He saw undead soldiers (wraiths) shouting orders at humans, goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears as the campsites converged into an army getting ready to march. In the distance, Uthrid saw the Bloodstone Tower jutting from the ground between the two hills. He saw mist drifting up from the cracks in the earth. He could not remember how he got past the tower but he must have been inside the Steward Keep. He didn’t remember what had happened to Rudy, Theren and Nim. Uthrid wanted to act but his arms and legs would not cooperate. He felt like he was in a confined space.

“The Book of Ao?” he heard asked behind him and he turned to look at the three people at the table. He did not actually feel his neck move or his body turn but his eyes turned in the direction of the table. The three people no longer sat at the table. Jonathan, Crysilla and Jobeck lied in plain wooden coffins in front of the table with a copper piece placed over each of their eyes. A woman stood behind the table. She was the one who spoke.

“Yes, that is what some call it,” a cold steely voice came from the dark preseance beside Uthrid, “just ask him about the book he took from Nevern. Where did he put it?”

Uthrid was confronted by two creatures. They took up his complete vision yet he could only look at one of them at a time – like they were at opposite ends of a corridor and Uthrid stood in the middle. They seemed so close to him yet so far from one another. One was Driedel. The lich stared with a glowing yellow light from the otherwise empty sockets that peered from below a great helmet carved to look like a basilisk. An amulet hung around its neck. The other was a naked, voluptuous, black-haired woman. Bat wings sprouted from her back and her face was adorned with horns and fangs. Uthrid had seen her before. She was the succubus from Fort Dolor. As he looked at her he imagined that Driedel’s icy fingers were about to drop onto the center of his back and when he glanced quickly at Driedel the world swayed giving him a nauseous feeling and as he gazed into Driedel’s skull he imagined the devils fangs about to sink into his neck.

Driedel began to question Uthrid about the whereabouts of THE BOOK while the succubus tried to dominate him and make him answer truthfully.

Uthrid became dominated and told Driedel that the book was given to Lord Perrobin Harvest of Spearpoint.

Much to Uthrid’s dismay, the events about THE BOOK, Perry Barefoot, and Uthrid’s father and brothers streamed from his lips in great detail.

Uthrid was not sure what he had revealed but knew it was far too much. Driedel was satisfied and conversed with the succubus as if Uthrid was not there.

DRIEDEL: Well done. That was almost too easy.
SUCCUBUS: The brawny ones usually are. They have their uses though. I wouldn’t mind getting this one in the flesh – along with his friends.
DRIEDEL: Once you break through you are welcome to come back here and dig up what’s left of them. I’m done with this place.
DRIEDEL: You’ve been more than compensated for your trouble, however. The black army will march to the eastern gate. That will catch them by surprise and as soon as their attention is distracted, the Iron General will crash through their gate. Your Red Army will find little resistance before they get their chance to raise hell with the dragonborn.

The succubus collected the coins from the eyes of the three dead people. As Driedel moved to the door to the Keep the ground trembled. The black army stood ready to leave and the Bloodstone Tower began sinking back into the ground. Uthrid’s world faded to black. The next thing he knew Rudy was waking him and they needed to get out of the tower.

The fear inspiring mist cleared as the tower slipped into the ground and the ground closed back up. The black army began to march. The wraith soldiers directed the others. The adventurers moved as quickly as they could back toward the road where Coarsus Durgin waited with ten Bridgeblock soldiers. They arrived a few moments before the black army and alerted the soldiers. Coarsus ordered two of his men to give Rudy and Theren their horses. Nim rode with one of them while Theren ran ahead scouting the road back toward Bridgeblock. Coarsus Durgin and his soldiers rode to warn Cheap Whiskey of the black army. Coarsus would reach the fort called the Frontier Gate before he reached Cheap Whiskey. He hoped he could gather some men there and at the least slow up the black army while other rode on to Cheap Whiskey to alert Courses brother- the Captain of Cheap Whiskey.

Nim prepared some Sending rituals while he rode. He sent word to the elders in the Harken Forest, to Makkus Day and to Finji and Nino Zookwicket who were spies working for him in Bridgeblock. Coarsus gave the adventurers a letter and told them to give it to his family. Fort Durgin would be the first place they came to along the road. The letter told his family that they could trust the adventurers.

The Mist and Bloodstone Tower

The road toward Steward’s Estate would pass between two steep hills and the keep would be just beyond them. As the party made their way through the mist they saw a tower between the two hills blocking the road. Before they could get a good look at it, they heard clicking noises and a huge bulk being dragged alond the ground behind them. They spurred their horses forward but not far ahead a large crack in the ground ran across the road. Theren was unable to stop his horse but managed an acrobatic dismount as the horse plunged into the chasm and broke it’s neck. The others quickly stopped and the party faced a four headed fen hydra. Nim twice delivered critical damage and Theren did as well and the hydra was quickly bloodied and fled.

The party approached the tower. It appeared that the tower had sprung up from the ground to block the path. It was 75 feet high and the cracks spread from where it penetrated the ground. There was a large whole in the side of it at ground level.

Inside the hole in the tower the party fought a ghoul, zombies and a skull lord. The central spiral staircase in the tower went up and down. The adventurers went up and found a chapel to a weird alien or demonic entity which served some ancient deity of death. The entity was called Omerth. In other rooms they found old barracks and a library. Three floors up they found a chamber that was being used as a bed chamber. It had a bed and wardrobe at one end and a bath at the far end. This room also contained the only window in the tower. One floor above this one the party found a vault. Most of the items had been removed but they did find a staff. There was also a secret door in the room that led to another room with three linked portal circles on the floor.

Theren stepped on one of the circles and said “Omerth” and the party was teleported to the room at the top of the tower. They stood on a teleportion circle crowded together. From the floor spectral tendrils rose and attacked them. Three marrowshriek skeletons attacked with screams and a boneclaw skeleton crept near. The spectral tendrils dazed the adventurers as did the shrieks from the skeletons. One skeleton grabbed Nim. A pale woman made attacks with black magic and Uthrid was bloodied and not able to use healing surges. Nim spoke “Omerth” again as one of the marrowshriek skeletons fell to blows from the party and he was delivered back to the secret room by the vault. Uthrid fell and Theren and Rudy each spoke “Omerth” while standing on the magic circle and returned to the room Nim had retreated.

As the three shook their dazed heads they had no idea what was happening to their unconscious friend in the room above. They gathered second winds and prepared to go back up for Uthrid.

The Battle at Cheap Whiskey (prelude)

As smoke rose from campfires in the wilderness beyond Cheap Whiskey, Enubrius The Bronze stood on the crenalated walls of the Southern Province’s most eastern outpost. The Unconquered Standard of Arkhosia flew above him daring the devil army to mount their attack. The provincial army, led by Captain Durgin, manned their posts. The dragonborn army waited impatiently, eager to proudly relive the days when Arkhosia met the devils of Bael Turoth, for the glory of battle.

Meanwhile, at the Steward Estate to the south, the civilized people’s greatest hope – a band of four: Rudolph Harmony, Theren Brightwood, Uthrid Ragnarson and Nim of Harken Forest, entered the mist that had enveloped the land and set the defenders’ of Bridgeblock nerves on edge.

Makkus Day

—The grizzled warlord arrived with a huge Sosh soldier, Coarsus Durgin; a dwarf paladin of Moradin, Harten Reivir; a female human wizard, Richilda the Blue; and a human archer, Leyard. A scribe named Hap and two retainers Trent and Vernon also accompanied the group.

Recent reports told of a woman the people were calling the Black Petal (due to a distinctive broach she wore) coming through Bridgeblock. She bought some equipment and was last seen heading toward the estate of Jonathan Steward. Since then, a mist had spread across the land of the Steward Estate, a mist most men found they could not enter because they were overcome with fear. Makkus Day understood that the party used to work for Steward and would like them to explore the estate. They agreed to do so.

After questioning the party about the portal to Dis, Makkus determined that a cleansing ritual would need to be performed in the old dragon lair once the devils were defeated. Since the adventurers knew the location, the sheriff believed they should take on the mission. They found this proposal sensible and agreed.

The cleansing ritual needed could be found in Perrobin Harvest’s tower but the wizard had disappeared. No one had entered the tower and when the party said they knew the wizard Makkus Day suggested they try to enter it and try to find the wizard. They agreed again.

Entering the Steward Estate was given top priority since the mist was scaring people and they were preparing for war nearby in Cheap Whiskey. Nim was given the coordinates to the linked portal in Cheap Whiskey and the party left. They were given horses and rode out toward the Steward Estate with Coarsus Durgin and a group of soldiers.

Taking Fallcrest

The adventurers met with Farrah Goldleaf Stockmer and Enubrius the Bronze. They were introduced to Ernesto Markelhey son of the previous Lord Warden of Fallcrest. A plan was devised where Enubrius and Bralvuna would take the Unconquered Standard of Arkhosia and after several weeks of planting seeds among trusted Fallcrest soldiers they would start a rally to inspire many of the mercenaries in town (many whom are dragonborn) to be led to Cheap Whiskey and meet a devil army in battle. While this rally took place the adventurers and Ernesto would sneek into the Moonstone Keep and confront Armos Kamroth.

The plan was executed well. Young Markelhey led the adventurers into the Moonstone Keep dungeon. After passing through a secret passage they found the chambers to be filled with lounging kobalds. While the adventurers hid they heard the dungeoneer, Una Wyrmguard, have a conversation with Hildren. (Hildren was an eladrin that Rudy and Theren had met back during their days with the Beheaders. She had been working with Brackas and Kelson who had framed the Beheaders for the robbery of the blacksmith Teldorthan. During the battle which ended the lives of Brackas and Kelson she had isolated Rudy and knocked him unconscious. At the end of the battle Theren was still on his feet and Hildren confronted him from the back Caustrex the gray dragon the Beheaders had made a blood pact with.) During her conversation with Una, Hildren asked if new prisoners had been brought to the dungeon. Her words implied that she knew the adventurers were there but she did not tell this to Una. She ended the conversation saying she was going to take a trip to the village of Nenlast. The proclamation appeared to be for the benefit of the adventurers.

Once Hildren was gone the adventurers sprung an attack on Una and the kobalds. The kobalds didn’t stand a chance and Una, a brutish, bearded female human didn’t last long either. The stairs to the dungeon led to one of the keep’s guard towers. Theren peeked out the door to the crenalated wall and saw a dragonborn Exemplar of Tiamat watching a ruckus going on in the town. That would have been Enubrius rallying the dragonborn mercenaries and other soldiers with the Unconquered Standard of Arkhosia. The party quietly slipped into the keep’s main hall.

As they moved across the hall to the stone building that served as the Lord Warden’s private rooms an adult blue dragon was summoned to the room. The dragon was disoriented and under the control of someone. It attacked the party while occasionally spouting frustration at the fact that someone dared seize control of it’s actions. Markelhey was knocked down a few times but eventually the dragon was seriously bloodied. It managed to restle control of itself from whoever was influencing it and flew out the hall’s large stain glass window.

The party found a ward on the private chambers door as the dragon crawled around on the roof of the keep. Some crys weere heard from outside and several exemplars of Tiamat burst into the hall. While the adventurers battled the exemplars, Armos Kamroth and a huge dragonborn slipped into the hall and into the private chambers. After defeating the exemplars, Nim deactivated the ward on the door. A battle took place with the huge dragonborn and the party found a nearly dead priest lying on the floor of a storeroom next to a desk which held a vat of liquid and a large brain. (This was Brother Edgar and his ritual of blue dragon control, the ritual was ultimately too powerful for him and he could only maintain control of the dragon for a short time once it became bloodied. When the dragon pulled control back, Brother Edgar received a mortal brain hemorrage.)

Armos Kamroth was in the second floor room of the building behind a warded door. He was performing a linked portal ritual that would transport him to his manor and from there he had plans to escape with much of the wealth he had accumulated during his time as Lord Warden. Also in the room with him was an Altar of Zealotry which was programmed to dominate anyone who entered the room and did not hold a holy symbol to Tiamat. By the time the adventurers deafeated the huge dragonborn, only ten rounds were left for the linked portal to commence. The altar was also programmed to explode as soon as the linked portal ritual was triggered. It took four rounds for Nim to open the warded door but only one round for Theren and Nim to knock Kamroth unconscious. Theren killed the priest on the following round and Rudy began removing his magic items. Markelhey and Uthrid and Rudy were all dominated by the alter in the following rounds and attacked Theren and Nim and each other. Nim was not dominated because the Deck of Many Things he possesses will not allow him to be. Theren was not dominated because he carried Brother Edgar’s holy symbol on his belt. The elf and gnome fled the building while the three others fought each other. Then the linked portal triggered and the altar exploded. The three inside the building were able to leap down the stairs and avoid death.

In the aftermath, Markelhey took control of the town and Enubrius led an army of soldiers toward Cheap Whiskey to defend against the devil army at Fort Dolor. Rudy, Uthrid, Theren and Nim were given important positions within Fallcrest. Armos Kamroth’s manor as well as the wizard’s tower and a few other buildings were given to the adventurers. Enubrius the Bronze enhanced Rudy’s sword as payment for the Unconquered Standard.

The adventurers received some messages and Nim progressed his plans for building a gnome spy network. He sent a gnome named Oddlin out toward Hammerfast, set up an older couple Madge and Cory as owners of The Lucky Gnome Tavern in Fallcrest’s lower section and arranged for a brother and sister Finji and Nino to work as servants in Bridgeblock. Nino had a big crush on Nim.

Hail, Lord Harmony

Rudolph Harmony receives invitations from:

Baroness Farrah Goldleaf Stockmer – agenda unclear

Lana Goldleaf of the Woodsinger Elf Clan – agenda Farrah Goldleaf

Lord Warden Ernesto Markellhey – offered a position as high ranking officer in Fallcrest garrison

Marsinda Goldspinner of Hammerfast – requests an audiance, she is the Merchant Guild Master of Hammerfast. They have traded with Fallcrest for many years. She is concerned about bandit activity on the Trade Road. Some merchants were robbed by bandits claiming to work for Jax the Fox. Marsinda has no description of this Jax the Fox person. There are some other happenings around Hammerfast. Some adventurers have stirred up some trouble and may be into something that Marsinda fears is too much for them.

Lord Padraig of Winterhaven – Sends greetings to you and Theren and any other Beheaders. He has heard rumors about some of the Beheaders death and sends his regrets. There is trouble in the Caingorn Mountians with a tribe of orcs. A few lower level adventuring partys are working in the area. The Shadar Kai at the Keep on the Shadowfell are quiet. Many of the Raven Roost Performers have disbursed. A few work in Winterhaven. Others have become highwaymen. Some have gone to Fallcrest or places further East.

Senator Daruid One-Eye of Sosh: Remembers meeting you. The senate of Sosh requests that you report to Makkus Day about what you know of a devil army and any other threats to the Southern Provinces.

Sheriff Makkus Day of Bridgeblock is coming to Fallcrest.

Herrman Specks of Spearpoint fears something has happened to Perry Barefoot. The wizard has not been seen in over three weeks. He has heard you have worked for Jonathan Steward and associate with the heir to a Sosh land owner. He hopes you might find the time to investigate the wizards tower in Spearpoint.

Governess Corellia Flamet of Archertown invites Rudolph Harmony and his associates to Archertown for the Spring Festival.

Lord William Invidia at Hammerfast would like to meet with Rudolph Harmony and his Beheaders about old business. If you agree to meet alert Lord Carthain of Hammerfast.

Lord Jonathan Steward at his estate in Bridgeblock invites Rudolph Harmony, Theren Brightwood, Uthrid Ragnarson and Nim of Harken Forest to his estate to discuss literature.

Uthrid, My Son!

Uthrid, My Son!
Thank Moradin, you have finally found the time to inform your suffering mother that you’re alive! Your father has disappeared and from all I have heard your older brother died in front of your own eyes. Don’t know as if that’s true or how you feel about it. No one ever bothers to fill me in on the details. Last I knew your father was going to stay with Lord Perry in Spearpoint because of some secretive matter. What of Erthic?

It is quite a sum of coin you have sent. I won’t ask where you got it. You should come home. Someone must apply pressure to the farmers and ranchers to make sure there is enough income for the estate to make it through the next year. Your father picked a poor time to go missing.

Vedui' Theren

Vedui’ Ther’En Vanna’Ama’Fis!
Nae saian luume’

Greetings, Theren Brightwood! (Greetings, Autumn Sky of the Forest of Beautiful Light!)
It has been too long.

The wind carries many songs.
It will be good to hear you boast of great deeds.
For now, our hearts are lightened to hear you are well.
Soon you must return to the Rain Valley.
There are family matters to discuss.
You should meet the bride whom we have arranged for you to wed.
Don’t fret, my son. There is time before she is of a marrying age.
More adventures lie in your fuure.
This business with Enubrius the Bronze and the men of the south is a noble endeavor.
Assist him and your new friends and return when you are able.

Her name is Ari’El Chalic’Iene (Silver Hawk)
Your great, great grandfather Hel’Tia’Nai Vanna’Ama’Fis (Helthani Brightwood) will be greatly pleased by this union.

Au’ lasser en lle coia orun’ omenta gurtha.
Quel fara!

Ari’Mah Vanna’Ama’Fis

May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown.
Good Hunting!

Arimah Brightwood
The Silver Mage
Defenders of The Forest Of Beautiful Light

The Lord Warden's Heir

Ernesto Markelhey was sent to Bridgeblock to train as a soldier at the age of twelve. By the time he was sixteen he had proved to be one of the deadliest men in Cheap Whiskey. He hunted down outlaws and bandits mostly for Makkus Day’s garrison. Though his future was planned out to take over rule of Fallcrest after his father’s time as Lord Warden ended, he secretly hoped to remain in Bridgeblock and maybe on day replace Makkus Day as Sheriff.

At the age of sixteen Ernesto’s father, Faren, decided his son should consider joining the Order Of The Platinum Dragon. Ernesto went down to the Arkvana Peninsula to see about becoming a paladin to his family’s deity. He was taught by Enubrius The Bronze before going on a missionary with other learning the ways of Bahumat. During this time his father was murdered. By the time word reached Ernesto, Armos Kamroth was already established as the new Lord Warden of Fallcrest.

Ernesto travelled to Harkenwold to make plans with Baroness Farrah Goldleaf Stockmer. Her father had been good friends with Faren Markelhey. Enubrius The Bronze and others that the dragonborn cleric deamed trustful joined in on the meeting. The others were Remy Longsong, a half-elf cleric of Sehanine; Bravluna, a dragonborn fighter; and an adventuring company who included two members of the heroic band The Beheaders who had rid the Vale of a dragon, kobald bandits, an Orcus deathpriest and hobgoblin slavers. They had rescued Farrah from duergar devil worshipers in Thunderspire Labyrinth and had destroyed a demon cult called the Hand Of Naarash. The two former Beheaders were a half-elf warlord, Rudolph Harmony who had served in the Fallcrest garrison during Faren’s rule and an elven ranger from the Rain Valley named Theren Brightwood. The two other members of the adventuring company were a gnome named Nim who was the Harken Forest gnome’s official representative and a human soldier from the City of Sosh named Uthrid Ragnarson.

Back Home

Later, at Raven Roost, the adventurers ran into a couple highwaymen – an ogre and a human – who were employed by Fallcrest. They were talking by a campfire to Terrlen Darkseeker while some people slept by the walls of the ruin. Theren had scouted ahead and witnessed a woman wearing a rich red cloak come out from the ruins. She carried a rapier on her belt and nice theigh high boots. She had evidently just woke up and come out to relieve her bladder. Theren reported to the others and when he returned the woman was going back into the ruins where Theren heard talking. Then the adventurers all approached the ruins and met the highwaymen and Terrlen. Theren and Rudy didn’t immediately recognize Terrlen but soon they did.

They had met him a couple years ago in Thunderspire Mountain. He had been a guide but when faced with bloodshed he turned into a werewolf. The party had subduedhimand when he woke he had not remembered what had happened. He believed he had been cursed while investgating a part of the labyrinth and felt he needed to return there to breakthe curse. The Beheaders had not been willing to help him but had spared his life. Terrlen now told Theren that he had not broken the curse but had learned to deal with his affliction.

The sleeping people woke shortly after Terrlen left. The red cloaked woman was a beautiful red haired human called Scarlett. An SJ crest was sewed into her cloak. There was an old wizard and his halfling apprentice with the woman. She claimed to have heard about the Raven Roost ruins from the Shadar Kai in Winterhaven. The wizard and halfling had been made vagrants by Lord Warden Armos Kamroth. Rudy recognized them from the time he had lived in Fallcrest. They were travelling with Scarlett while she saw various sights in the Nentir Vale. The adventurers could not pin down where exactly she originated from. She said she had travelled all over the southern region and a little of the west. Their group was heading toward the Five League House and possibly Hammerfast.

Rumors told that a wizard named Paldemar ruled Thunderspire now and that he was searching for an artifact. It was also believed that spellcasters (mostly wizards) should be on their guard. The Mages of Saruun had disappeared and some wizards from adventuring parties in the area had met their doom in mysterious ways.

The adventurers continued on to Harkenwold and met with Remy Longsong. He informed them that an assassination attempt was made on the Baroness Farrah Goldleaf Stockmer and she was hiding with the Woodsinger Elves. He said he would arrange a meeting with her in three days.

Nim went to the gnomes of the Harken Forest and spoke with the council of elders. He displayed a great deal of maturity and told them of a plan he had to create a network of spies among the big people of the Vale. The elders were impressed and asked him to speak with the leaders of Harkenwold on their behalf and said they would help him recruit gnomes for him network. Then Nim gave them his magic staff tohelp fund the endeavor. On the way back to Harkenwold he met a mysterious gnome called Toadstool who traded a Deck Of Many Things for one of Nim’s daggers.


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