Cheap Whiskey

The Sleeper Awakens

At the Razor’s Edge, the adventurers faced 3 wraiths and a beholder zombie. The beholder zombie initially paniced the party who believed it was an actual beholder. The wraiths were particularly irksome as they had the ability to touch an enemy and teleport him up to 25 feet. They dropped Uthrid, Rudy and Theren into the pit during the battle and all managed to avoid being sliced by the spinning razors but they were injured from the 30 foot fall. There were two wraiths left when Theren went into the pit and Nim did an impressive job fending them off and eventually slaying them. After a few minutes the spinning razors slowed and finally stopped and the adventurers continued on. They found another round room with blade bridges. This room had opened tomb doors on the east and west sides like the previous room. The passage continued beyond this room and a short hallway ended with a door in the west wall.

Behind the door was a small round room with a large eye suspended from a chain in the ceiling. The eye rested over a socket in the floor. Across the room was a control panel which could be used to swing the large eye. Five foulspawn grues occupied the room. Two engaged and two used mind attacks while the third used the control panel to swing the eye at the adventurers. The party battled well and killed all the grues.

After the battle the party heard someone approuching from the way they had come. The found the dwarf Oeserd Emiro, paladin of the Raven Queen, crossing the blade bridges. He had met the Sister at Sir Malagant’s death site and she told him about the stolen effigy and the heroes that had come to help her. He had come to assist them and bring back the body of his saint.

In the socket the party found a passage and stairs leading down to a twenty foot wide passage dimly lit with torches. The passage was three hundred feet long and led to stairs going up around both sides of a pillar which extended into a large room above. Along the walls of the long hallway were dipictions of the Sleeper with a maul made of dreamstone. Incantations could be heard above. The party stormed up the stairs and faced the tiefling Volkanth and his foulspawn henchmen. While the battle was fought blood dripped from a huge face in the ceiling onto the pillar that rose from the stairwell. An altar stood at the bottom of stairs that led up to the top of the pillar. The remains of Sir Malagant lied on the altar. On the pillar, a wrapped body writhed while it caught the dripping blood in its mouth. The body was covered in the blood it failed to catch. At the end of the battle the party members all lived but were exhausted and wounded. They grabbed Sir Malagant’s defiled remains and fled the chamber as the creature on the pillar rose to his feet and began descending the stairs. The creature was The Sleeper, a mummy lord, raised by the tiefling Volkanth’s evil ritual.

Erthic's Letter To Uthrid

my sorrow is greater than the hideousness of my form BROTHER MY BROTHERS MY FATHER AND MOTHER SOSH ACEDIA was it a lie? you cannot forgive me NONE of you I CANNOT WILL NOT I should be dead not our BROTHER BROTHERS RAGNAR!!!!!!!! UTHRID tell our parents I am dead Do not come find me what would be the use? If ever I can find a way to… HELP you or Father or Sosh Only come for me if it is to kill me. It is more than I deserve. ~Erthic

On A Razor's Edge

The hall ended at the edge of an enormous pit that was about 50 feet in diameter. A fall from the edge where Uthrid stood would be into darkness at the end of the light his sun rod provided. Dominating the center of the pit was a 15-foot-wide pillar that rose to the level of the hall. Atop it was a kind of turnstile. Extending from three equidistant points around the pillar were huge sicklelike steel blades that scraped the edge of the pit. From the marks Uthrid saw on the wall, it was clear that the turnstile must somehow turn the blades so that they could be used as bridges to cross the expanse. Currently the blades were turned away from him.

Uthrid stood on the northern side of the chamber and the passage continued to the south on the opposite side. The blade chamber was flanked on the west and east by landings at the level of the blade bridges. Each landing had two of the statues with its arms and eyeless face upraised. These statues flanked doors. The stone doors bore the now-familiar image of the Sleeper holding a dreamstone maul. A single door stood between the statues on the west landing while double doors stood between the statues on the east landing.

Using a rope and grapple, Uthrid snagged one of the blades and pulled it toward him. All three equidistant bridges turned as he brought the blade bridge to rest infront of him. The other two blades came to rest infront of the landings to the east and west. If the adventurers were to continue south they would each have to climb across to the pillar and use the turnstile to align the bridges with the south passage. Instead they all crossed to the pillar and continued to the landing to the west.

As Uthrid opened the door, something in the wall behind the hinge clinked loudly and the doors on the landing across the way banged open. Then there was a tremendous clatter of distant chains and a thudding boom from somewhere below shook dust from the ceiling. Behind Theren and Nim, the blades began to turn of their own accord, and within the door in front of Uthrid and Rudy lay a crypt. The sarcophagus that lay there burst open and something rose into the open air!

The Tomb Of Dreams

Uthrid fell asleep on the floor of the torture chamber gripping his sword. He was fearful of more foulspawn appearing but too exhausted from the previous battle to stay awake. Nim and Rudy went to sleep as well and Theren went to the cell Erthic was in to check on him. Erthic took food and asked for a cloak. He wrapped himself up using his good hand and hid his right arm in the wrapped cloak and pulled the hood down low to hide his face. He told Theren that the Seer and the foulspawn had tortured him when he tried to leave the cult and exposed him to a hideous realm through a dark ritual and it had caused his disfigurement. He did not want to talk about this much because he had built up a wall in his brain to protect his sanity. Too much dwelling on the things he had seen in that Far Realm would bring out the Other one. He hinted at another entity dwelling in his mind. He told Theren the dreamstones which were the shiny stones that represented the maul in the pictures of the Sleeper would effect his friends dreams. They would have to pass a test while they slept. If they failed their dreams would summon monsters from the Far Realm. He told Theren to keep him locked in the cell because when the dreams came so would the Other.

While the adventurers slept Theren saw a ghostly world appear around them. It was a dream they were all sharing and Theren could see it. In the dream Uthrid, Nim and Rudy were shopping in a marketplace in Bridgeblock. Suddenly a man approached Uthrid with his bloody hands cupped over his face. The man accused Uthrid of stealing his eyes and the three adventurers soon found themselves surrounded by an angry mob. When their attempts to calm the crowd failed, the angry mob became a hideous mass of eyes and mouths and the man with no eyes burst into a writhing cluster of barbed tentacles stemming from a large brain-like mass of flesh with a horrid beak. The dream ended and the adventurers awoke to find the monsters in the torture chamber with them and battle ensued. The gibbering mouther blasted the four adventurers with psychic attack which dazed them all the first round. It was a tough battle since the adventurers had not gotten the benefit of a full rest. Rudy was knocked unconscious from an acidic bite by the mouther before it was destroyed by Nim. Uthrid was lashed by some barbed tentacles and then the creature called a grell grabbed him in its tentacles and bit him a couple of times and he was stunned and near unconsciousness when Theren unloaded several good arrow shots into it and Nim finally killed it. After the battle the adventures dropped to the floor asleep and woke many hours later fully rested.

Uthrid led the other adventurers in a discussion with Erthic. Erthic explained that he had been asking around about the old kingdom of Acedia and had been given an address in Bridgeblock by some people he believed shared his interest. He had met two people at the address named Gorn and Malleck who had pursueded him to come out to the Warwood. When he had been out the Tomb of Dreams for a few weeks he learned that they were actually a cult trying to awaken The Sleeper and he had tried to leave. They captured him and tortured him and exposed him to the Far Realm in an attempt to turn him into a foulspawn. He told them the dreamstones depicted as mauls in the pictures in the domed room actually made up a star chart that was a calendar and the cult would be awakening the Sleeper that very night in accordance to the star chart. He told them there were more foulspawn and cultists with the tiefling leader Volkanth and that they were probably engaged in the ritual of awakening the Sleeper as they spoke.

Uthrid asked Erthic about the Other one he had spoken to Theren about and Erthic was confident if he got away from the dreamstones he would be okay. He would go up to the surface while they went on to try to stop the Sleepers awakening. He knew that there were four grues and a couple berserker foulspawn with Volkanth as well as some human cultists but he had never been down the corridor they had went to start the ritual.

The Torture Chamber

The spiral stairs came down to hallway that split to the east and the west. The east door was made of wood and open, but the door to the west was made of stone and bore the life-size bas relief of a tall horned-and-cloaked figure holding a maul in two hands. From the open door a male voice could be heard alternately moaning and mumbling unintelligibly. The adventurers went through the open door and found another split with corridors running to the north and south. The moaning/mumbling was coming fro the north. Five cells lined each side of the northern corridor and the male voice was coming from the room which opened at the end. Each of the tiny cells had a locked wooden door with a small barred window. There was nothing inside but some scattered bones and the rusty remains of manacles attached to the walls.

Beyond the cells in the hall laid what appeared to be a torture chamber. Seated on a stool in the center of the room, Theren saw a bald man with his back to him. He was stripped to the waist, and his back was a bloody mess of lacerations. He had clearly been whipped. The man was just sitting there rocking back and forth and wordlessly babbling. Long chains were attached to the arms he held limply by his sides. In front of him stood a lecturn upon which laid a large open book. Its pages were covered in a messy crimson writing that must have been blood. The moaning man suddenly shook his head vigorously as if denying something, and Theren noticed that his eyes had been torn out and his worn face bore cuts around them.

Theren shouted at the man asking who he was and if he could help him. The man stopped his mumbling and sat quiet for a moment. The cuts around the man’s eyes were the triple sickle shape seen around the eye of the domed chamber.

“I know you.” the man suddenly sneered, “You’re no friend of Volkanth. You’re one of them! One of those the Sleeper told me!” At this point he pointed to the bloody book and started straining against his chains and screaming. When the man screamed a blinding flash of light erupted from his eyes and two foulspawn berserkers exploded from the sockets and attacked Uthrid and Rudy. Theren quickly shot arrows into the man who continued to scream. Nim hit the man with a spell as Uthrid and Rudy engaged the berserkers. The man screamed again and three foulspawn manglers appeared behind him while a skeleton emerged from on of the cell in the room. The screaming man was killed but the battle with the foulspawn was grisly and disturbing. Uthrid and Rudy were both seriously wounded during the fight and Nim was hit by a mangler. The unintelligible voices of the mad foulspawn gibbered telepathically in the ears of the adventurers.

When the last foulspawn was slain, Uthrid was unconscious on the floor. Rudy and Theren helped him regain consciousness with some healing but he and Nim were extremely shaken by the encounter. They huddled against the walls with their eyes darting about, expecting foulspawn to emerge from thin air at any moment and attack. Theren and rudy understood that the mumbling man had been a sort of Seer and had summoned the creatures but that could not convince their friends to relax. Uthrid thought he saw movement in one of the cells but there was nothing there when Theren checked. In a cell across the room, however, Theren did hear some low moaning. When he checked he saw a man in rags huddled in the corner of one of the cells.

Theren spoke to the man in the cell and the frightened man moaned and asked to be left alone in a slow, thick voice. The voice got Uthrid attention.

“Erthic?” said Uthrid as he crept toward the cell door, “Is that you? You sound strange.” When Uthrid reached the door the man turned around. It was Erthic but some dark torture had caused a gruesome change in him. He was bald and thin with the normal marks of torture from lashings and brutalization but part of him was horribly mutated. One eye was gone from its socket but more disturbing was the other eye which swelled too large in its socket and was scarred with a jagged X across the pupil like it had been sliced but had grown back together. His skull bulged unsymetrically on the side of the grotesque eye and the skin was frighteningly bumpy like it had melted leaving blisters and lumps. The skin disorder ran down the side of his neck and consumed his right shoulder. The bicep of the right arm was skin and bone but below the elbow the arm bulged in a large mass of boiled flesh. The forearm seemed to have fused with the hand into a terrifying piece of puckered meat. The fingers of the hand had grown together and did not look at a hand at all. At the end the nails of the hand had fused together into one long, thick, brown pointed talon.

A low, sickened moan escaped Uthrid as his eyes widened with horror at the thing that had been his brother. He backed away from the cell and drew his sword. Erthic quickly turned back and huddled in the corner, obviously ashamed at his appearence and the reaction it had caused Uthrid. Rudy and Theren knew the party needed to take a rest. They didn’t know what to do about the thing in the cell but they needed to rest and get Nim and Uthrid out of their sttes of paranoid shock. The decision about Erthic should be left to Uthrid but whatever choice he made for the poor fellow could not be made while he was in his current mental state.

Guardians of the Descent

The short hallway beyond the doors led to a chamber within which Nim spied the base of a large statue made of dimly luminescent black stone. Each wall of the hall had a thick chain running through rings set in the stone every 10 feet or so. The chains were slack beteen the rings and at the midpoint of the slack areas large metals balls replaced several of the chain links. From the ends of the chain near the door, it appeared that each of these balls represented a lidless eye. The chains continued around the corners of the walls into the room. Nim slowly crept down the hall toward the statue with the others a couple paces behind.

A tall statue loomed in the center of the hexagonal room. It was made of the same semitransparent black stone as the depictions of the mauls in the lower part of the domed room, and gloomily glowing veins ran through its entirety. The statue at first appeared to depict a cloaked and hooded figure holding a rusting sickle aloft in each hand, but at a second glance revealed that it held another sickle in a third arm. Between each pairing of arms was the deeply hooded visage, so that the statue effectively had three faces. Peering up into the hood, Nim saw that no true face lied within; it was just a hollow space.

A short hall ended in double doors at the opposite side of the hexagonal room. The chain came out of the walls near the doors on the far side. Scanning the walls Nim noticed secret doors hidden behind the rings on the walls. The ceiling by each door had a 2-inch-wide slot packed with dirt and small stones. Nim pointed this out to Theren but the elf had difficulty seeing what the gnome was showing him. The adventurers slipped past the statue and gathered by the doors in the short hallway. Nim searched the door for traps and as he laid his hand upon them the statue moved.

The statue reached out with a ghostly motion and snagged both of the chains running along the walls with two of the sickles and pulled them. There was a dull boom and portcullises dropped from the packed dirt and stones above each of the secret doors. Had one of the adventurers been standing by them they may have been impaled and restrained. From six of the now opened eight secret passages emerged hunched hamanoid undead creatures with long filthy claws and yellow fangs. The statue became insubstatial and its shadowy form disappeared into the wall.

The ghouls charged the adventurers. Uthrid engaged two of them and Rudy stepped up to intercept a couple others as Theren shifted away from them and fired arrows. A couple of the ghouls were hacked down. Nim attacked with spells and the statue reappeared out of the wall near Rudy. Theren and Nim concentrated attacks on the wraithlike statue and badly damaged it. The figure went into a meditative trance and the remaining ghouls went into a further frenzy. Black necrotic ooze began dripping from their nails and teeth. Rudy destroyed the statue with a good blow and the ghouls frenzy subsided but they fought on. After a few more rounds the ghouls were all destroyed.

There was nothing of value in the trapped passage and the adventurers found that the pulled chains had unlocked the doors in the short hallway. Behind these the party found a spiral staircase going down. The stairs led down to the ground floor where the landing had a secret passage that led to a hidden door in the seige weapon room. The spiral stairs also continued down to a basement level. The adventurers descended.

Minor Clues

Behind the balcony’s northern door, the scents of unwashed bodies and cooked meals hit the noses of the adventurers. Several doors lined the east wall of the hallway and one stood on the west. To the north they saw a large room dimly lit by firelight from around the corner and a guttering lamp on the table. Theren checked several of the doors on the east wall and found bedchambers. They had been cleared out and had bedrolls spread out on the floor with a bag or pack in most rooms. One contained a rickity chair and another a small desk. In the third room, Theren made a grisly discovery. In a small heap he found bloody bandages of vaious ages, and the bedroll showed signs of bloodstains as well. The bandages and stained bedroll were consistent with someone who had been injured in the torso area repeatedly. Miscellaneous items found in the bedchambers amounted to 400 gp value and one bedroll contained jewels and a ceremonial mask.

The door on the west wall led to a latrine and ahead was a common room with a fireplace and tables strewn with dirty dishes. Besides the small bedchambers off this room their was a small armory – mostly empty and a large barracks room littered with bedrolls. While investigating this room Uthrid found his brothers cloak – tattered and balled up in a corner. Searching through the personal items of the cultists he found the cloaks pin with one person’s belongings and his brothers dagger in with anothers. In a pocket of the cloak Uthrid found he paper torn from his brother’s journal which said THE SLEEPER WARWOOD STARGAZER HILL THE FACE. There were also some scribbled notes, an address in Bridgeblock and the names GORN and MALLECK.

They left the living quarters and tried the balcony doors west. These doors led to a short hallway and spiral stairs going down. At the bottom of the stairs a hallway led north and once led to a distant cave entrance in the Warwood. Through here the cultists would entered and through here they could have fled but it had collapsed some fifty years earlier. A hall branched east before the collapse and the adventurers found it was the hall with the ajar doors on the ground level.

The adventurers tried the northern doors. Decaying wooden walls separated the room into stalls. Clearly it wa used as a stable at one time. The adventurers took this in at a glance, then saw a circular dias in the center atop which stood the motionless skeleton of a horse covered with dust and cobwebs. Beside the dias was a post with a saddle on top of it, similarly dusty and webbed. The various stalls had little left in them but a few horse bones and the barest remains of hay strewn about. The northeast stall had been recently used and contained evergreen boughs culled from a distant part of the forest. Likely, the hippogriff had rested here. The adventurers kept an eye on the skeletal horse while they searched the room and then left without disturbing it when they found noting of value or any secret passages.

The adventurers went to the south doors on the ground level and opened them. In the musty darkness of the large room lurked siege engines. Small catapults and large ballistae slumped in the center of the room and huddled in alcoves in the walls. Their ropes had broken over time, and their metal parts were rusted. The adventurers left to investigate the only door they had not yet opened – the door to the south on the balcony.

The Sleeper's Hall

The mouth of the face appeared to be the entrance to the cultists hideout. Uthrid dropped a torch into the mouth and it fell 70 feet to the bottom. In the quick glimpse the adventurers got during the torches decent, they noticed it was a domed chamber and a balcony ran around the edge of the round room that had a diameter of approximately seventy feet. The balcony was fifty feet above the floor. It appeared the cultists had used ropes to climb the twenty feet from the balcony to the mouth hole. When Uthrid and Rudy leaned over the mouth hole a couple of cultists who had remained inside tried to snare them with grappling hooks and pull them down. Rudy and Utrid both grabbed ropes attached to the edge of the mouth and dropped inside. While they tried to swing to the balcony Theren hung into the mouth by a rope around his leg and killed one of the cultists with an arrow. Rudy managed to swing and get a hold on part of the balcony but Uthrid was having trouble. The other cultist had hit his rope with a dagger and that combined with Uthrid’s weight were quickly fraying the rope. The cultist also managed to get a grapple attached to utrid and was making his swinging difficult. Directly below the mouth hole was a symbol carved into the stone floor 70 feet below. There was a large eye with three sickles fanning out of it like rays of the sun. The pupil of the eye was directly below the mouth hole and was comprised of many long spikes. The two cultists who had been knocked into the mouth were impaled on the spikes. Theren managed to shoot the other cultist and at the same time Uthrid was getting a precipitous grasp on the edge of the balcony. The lunge snapped the fraying rope and Uthrid slipped from the edge of the balcony and fell 50 feet to the floor but at least missed the spiked eye. He took a moment getting up and luckily found no broken bones. Rudy helped Theren and Nim get down to the balcony and after Utrid took a quick look around the bottom floor he rejoined the other on the balcony.

Uthrid found the walls to be carved with images showing the achievements of a being called The Sleeper. The first image was of a tall, cloaked figure standing on a cliff prominence and looking down upon a village. The face was obscured, but horns projected out of the figure’s hood and it held a great maul in its hands. The next images showed the cloaked and horned figure, The Sleeper, converting others to follow behind him, either by threat or speeches given crowds. The middle images showed the figure and his allies in battle with elves, humans and dwarves. The final images showed the figure in battle with a frightening knight encased in scale armor decorated with skulls, bones and wailing ghosts. In that image, the knight was stabbing the belly of the cloaked figure, and the cloaked figure was slamming the side of the knight’s head with his maul.

All the depictions of the cloaked figures maul were formed of a darker stone inset into the wall. The semitransparent black stone was swirled with phosphorescent material. The stone was not familiar to any of the adventurers. A band of raised stone around the room was actually words written in common. It said: “Where did He come from? Our dreams. Why did He come? We called. From our sleep came the Sleeper. He opened our dreaming eyes by shutting our waking ones. His defeat was but another sleep and waking Him our dream.” The words were smooth and polished with a dark stain from hands being rubbed along them. Channels shaped as sickles were carved in the floor and stained with blood which flowed from the spiked eyes where two of the cultists had fallen. The blood ran down the channels into drain pipes 3’ in diameter.

Rudy stood on a balcony that encircled the chamber. Below on the floor was a spike-filled eye with three sickle shapes projecting from it. Above him was the domed roof and the opening to the sky through which he had descended. The dome showed cracks in places and water trickled down from spots where the two great trees on the hill had projected their roots nto the abyss. Also above was a constellation of dimly glowing points – the roof of the chamber bore a star chart, with each star foiled in gold.

Nearer to hand he spied words in Common carved into the wall that ran around the circumference of the room, and each raised leter was polished with rime collecting in the crevasses. Noting the polish, he then saw that half the wide stone banister running around the room possessed similar smoothness. The writing around the room was the same height as the balcony so udy walked around the whol chamber while Nim and Theren climbed down to the balcony. The words said: “The Sleeper is the herald. His dreams call to That Which Waits Beyond The Stars. When the Sleeper is awoken. He will dream again.”

On the ground level, Utrid saw three sets of double doors left the round chamber. The sets to the north and south were closed and the one to the west was lightly ajar. Up on the balcony level Rudy found three sets of double doors – north, south and west. All were shut. Once Theren and Nim joined Rudy, they helped Uthrid climb up a rope to join them on the balcony by the northern door.

Stargazer Hill

The adventurers set up a hidden camp in the woods off the path made by the cultists and took a long rest. During the rest some tieflings and humans came by the creek looking for the men who had been stationed there and made a hasty retreat back the way they came after their brief investigation. Later the hippogriff who had flown off with the bones of Sir Malagant was seen flying over the trees. During his watch Theren noticed a star he had never seen before. It was very dim. The adventurers were not seen and they returned to the cultists path in the early morning darkness.

Ahead a hill pushed up from the forest within a large clearing. Atop the face of the hill was the enormous carving of a bearded stone face staring skyward with an open mouth and empty eye sockets. Two statues stood near it, each a cloaked figure with face and arms raised to the sky. A third one lay broken on the ground near its base. Two leafless trees grew near the face as well, each looking even more twisted and dark than the other trees in the haunted forest.

Theren scouted and observed several tieflings guarding the hill. The adventurers all snuck close and sprung an attack on the guards. One of the tieflings called out and alarm and many human cultists began emerging from the mouth of the carved face via ropes. Some quick bow work and some sorcery from Nim staggered a couple of the tieflings. A couple shadowblades disappeared behind the carved stone face and Uthrid and Rudy charged up the hill. The shadowblades tried to sneak up on Theren but his superior movement kept him out of their reach and he peppered them with arrows. Nim stayed hidden in the trees and blasted away with his spells. Uthrid knocked a few cultists back into the mouth and he heard their screams as they dropped into the darkness fade and come to an abrupt end after a long fall. Soon all the cultists on the hill were slain.

Warwood Creek

Lord Perry taught Nim some rituals before the adventurers left and they carried enough residuum for him to use a LINKED PORTAL ritual to get back quickly to Spearpoint. The closest portal toward their destination was in Cheap Whiskey so Perry sent them there and they rode on to Fort Dolor and took the road through the Warwood. Nim would be able to draw a specific portal circle on the ground and use it to return the party to Spearpoint when they were finished. This circle would dispurse once the ritual was concluded.

They had rushed out of Cheap Whiskey pretty quickly upon arrival but did catch word that troops in Jonathan Steward’s employ had left a couple days earlier to settle things in Fort Dolor. When the adventurers arrived at Fort Dolor they did not stop to investigate. Then they had run across Sister Naenia and her followers. The sister had wanted them to swear an oath to the Raven Queen that they would find her patron’s bones and return them to her but they had thought better than get to entangled with that group. The page from Erthic’s journal had mentioned THE SLEEPER. When Utrid had asked the pilgrims about the name he got the impression that THE SLEEPER was the other general who Sir Malagant had killed and been killed by. If the bandits were stealing the effigy at this particular time then there was a good chance they were involved with THE SLEEPER and would have information about Erthic.

They came to a frozen creek while following the bandits trail through a deer path. Theren scouted out some humans and tieflings guarding the pass. Nim thought they should wait for the cover of darkness and ambush the guards. They waited seven hours and then sprung their attack after dusk. Theren and Nim delivered some massive damage to a pair of the guards and Rudy and Uthrid waited in the woods hoping the attack would draw the guards out onto the ice. Instead, the guards hid behind boulders and waited for the adventurers to show themselves. When the party crossed the creek the guards attacked and when the adventurers got hit on the ice some chillborn zombies broke through and pursued them. They killed the guards easily and destroyed the undead with little difficulty.

After the battle, the adventurers decided to rest before continuing. Nim, suddenly could see Lord Perry in his mind’s eye. It was as if the half elf wizard were sitting right next to him.

“Don’t use the linked portal ritual. Return to Fort Dolor when you finish.” said Perry, “Reply immediately, you have twenty-five words. I will contact you again soon.”

Being taken by surprise, Nim did not know what to say but managed to acknowledge that he understood the message before Perry disappeared from his mind’s eye.


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