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  • Hiding in the Dark

    At the top of the steps, the party waited in the dark and listened as they heard soldiers enter the room below. A hobgoblin warchief began shouting orders at some hobgoblin grunts:

    "Check the barracks and check on the war beast!" -

  • Keep on the Shadowfell

      From what the adventurers had been told about the Keep, Sir Keegan and the rift to the Shadowfell - and with the addition of the letter found on Irontooth and the letter found on Ninaran both of which spoke of Kalarel opening the rift for Orcus - …

  • Searching for the Shadow Rift

    As the adventurers were preparing to search the dungeon after their extended rest they heard the eerie whisper of some chanting and then tremors shook the ruined keep followed by a chilling draft and the dank smell of decay. They hurried to the lower …

  • The Rift to the Shadowfell

    The adventurers opened the large doors at the bottom of the steps to find the ruins of this part had been turned into a large cathedral to Orcus. A large drawing on the floor depicted the head of the demon lord with an open mouth which was a large pit …

  • Clearing Out the Keep

    As Kalarel died he was drawn into the swirling portal and so was the sacraficial blood pooled in the center of the room. The ritual book on the altar burst into flames and the magic circle on the floor lost its glow. The portal stopped swirling and …

  • Kalarel

    Kalarel was trying to open the rift to the Shadowfell under the Keep on the Shadowfell. He was killed by the adventuring company known as the Beheaders. In that battle, he killed Rudolph Harmony - a half-elf warlord.

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