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  • Herack the Stump

    It is not common knowledge where Herack got the nickname "the Stump" but he grimaces at the name and is obviously embarrassed by it. He prefers to be called Herack Samson. His father Sam Jeweler served as a senator for Sosh for many …

  • Evand Widower

    Evand has been a leader in relations with the dragonborn of the Arkvana Peninsula. He is a member of the church of the Platinum Dragon. He never remarried after his wife died and left him to raise six children.

  • Reg the Beheader

    Reg the Beheader is now a senate member in the City of Sosh. During his younger days he was a fierce warrior and spent time defending Brdgeblock and some time as the City of Sosh's chief executioner.

  • Thopp Cattleman

    Like all men of Sosh, Thopp spent his younger years as a member of the City's garrison. He later took over his father's cattle ranch. His daughter and two sons now run the ranch as he has turned to politics in his late years.

  • Lecktor Smitty

    Lecktor is the first non-human senator in the City of Sosh. He was born in the City of Sosh and took over his father's smithy there after serving in the garrison. Lecktor grew up influenced both by the teachings of Kord and Moradin. He is married to …

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