Cheap Whiskey

All Is Not Lost

Rudolph Harmony woke up with an excrutiating headache. He tried to sit up and was overcome with nausea and vomitted into a basin sitting on the floor beside the bed he was lying on. The bed was pushed up to a wall on his left hand side and the head of the bed was pushed against a stone wall. To his right and at the foot of the bed, a few strides away, curtains were hung to provide privacy. The bed and its linens were clean but common. He was stripped of his armor and equipment. His wounds were crudely bandaged. His consciousness was waning as the curtain moved aside and a blurry figure peeked in at him. “Our patient is stirring,” a voice rasped, “Go tell master.” He drifted back to sleep and memories of his last battle returned to him – Morthos, Theren and Barnoble turned to stone by the snake-haired woman, the ogre warhulk killing Torinn before falling. He had retreated into the hall while trying to avoid the snake-haired woman’s gaze. He was bitten by one of the snakes and he collapsed but suddenly the light was blackened out, the woman cried out in pain and was no longer standing over him. The door to the hallway slammed shut and he lost consciousness.


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