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Ashsam's Trail to 'Worny

An offering of blood was required at the fountain in the House of Pain to enable Ashsam and the adventurers back to the Feywild. Ashsam was duty bound now to the strangers who had saved him from the Shadow Witch. His second duty was to return to his tribe and protect them. Ryniom would handle that for now and probably do a better job at it. Ashsam was better at dishing out punishment to his enemies than protecting those he loved. Third on his list of duties was to hunt down the Witch and exact vengeance for the Younglings who had been taken.

The strangers Rudy, Theren, Uthrid and Nim had horses but this made the journey through Ashsam’s trail more difficult rather than easier. The woods were thick and the passes narrow. Ashsam had never rode a beast through his trail and many times the adventurers had to dismount. The horses also made stealth much more difficult. Ashsam and Theren scouted the trail and waved the others forward when the path was clear.

In one small clearing between forested impassable hills, Theren detected a troll and the adventurers ended up battling a pair of trolls and a pair of destrachan. The destrachan were eyeless, upright lizards with strong legs and thin arms with long taloned fingers. They percieved their surrundings through sonic impulses and quickly retreated into the trees when it became evident that the trolls were outmatched. The trolls regeneration was a nuisance until Nim destroyed their bodies with orbs of acid.

The forest got buggier and bats swooped over the party’s heads as they crossed the forest. Then fairy dragons, very colorful and of dog-like size zoomed in and hunted on the bats. After feeding, the dragons followed the adventures with curious interest. As the party approached a treeless hill that would expose them to a bird’s eye view the fairy dragons raced away in the direction they had come. Suddenly a great roar was heard and Ashsam and his new friends witnessed an huge dragon with red, green and gold scales bring a wyvern crashing down on the hill they needed to cross. They watched the powerful creature devour the beast and then rest. After an hour or so the dragon got to it’s feet, sniffed in the party’s direction and took off into the air. Ashsam quickly led the group over the hills and they reached Long’Old’Worny by nightfall.

They slept near Long’Old’Worny and he didn’t waken. Ashsam welcomed the strangers to stay with his tribe. He believed they were going to die trying to make it to Mithrendain but he didn’t tell them. They needed to get back to their people, they were brave and he wasn’t going to ruin the mood. He owed them that much. In the morning, Ashsam left the Bearers of the Dragon Banner and believed he would never see any of them again for the rest of his days.


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