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Catching Up With The BUSA

After destroying the Ivy Heart, the Bearers of the Unconquered Standard of Arkhosia searched the chamber. The runes and shape of the building were somehow channelling a great deal of eldritch energy – drawing from the fabric of the Feywild. Large double doors were in the southern wall of the room. The doors were almost identical to the doors shown on the tapestry in the room from which they had come. Nim noticed a difference, the keyhole on the tapestry door was enlarged. The representation on the tapestry was not life-sized but the Keyhole was life-sized.

Eventually, after exploring more of the Garden of Graves, the adventurers ventured into the back door of the building where they had encountered and eventually retreated from the lamia and her swarm of scarabs. They found a room with an overflowing well. At the bottom of the well was a key exactly like the key in the tapestry picture. Theren attempted to grab the key but a huge snake composed of water erupted from the well as soon as he touched the water. It appeared to consume him with a violent strike and then both the snake and Theren were gone. Uthrid prepared to attack the snake if it appeared again and Nim grabbed for the key. The snake appeared as Nim touched the water but it disappeared when Uthrid struck it. Nim grabbed the key and the remaining adventurers left the room. They saw the lamia in the doorway at the end of the hall so they went back out the door in which they had entered the building.

Out side the building they quickly found Theren. He had been teleported out of the building when the snake attacked him and had ended up in the river above the falls. The current tried to drag him over the falls but his supoerior athletic ability allowed him to swim to the edge and get out of the river. The party then headed back to the tapestry room. Nim pressed the key to the keyhole on the tapestry and there was an audible “click”. They returned to the room of the Ivy Heart and the doors depicted in the tapestry were ajar. At the end of a hallway they found another set of doors. The doors opened to a room that held a whirling mechanism. It was evident that this mechanism was the engine for which the runed buildings were being driven. It was easily disabled and actually contained a staff of unyeilding vision as it’s lynchpin. Also in the room wa some treasure including a map of the Garden of Graves and a linked portal ritual. On the map they found a linked portal magic circle marked between the two obsideon obelisks they had seen outside the building where Theren was killed by the dark angels. The circle contained the religous symbol of Zehir – the snake god. Earlier in the CrescentEnd Forest, they had been told the way through the mountains was to follow the symbol of the snake god.

They found the portal circle, buried under a couple inches of dirt, between the obelisks. Nim performed the ritual and the adveturers were transported to a dark room within the mountains. They were within a complex of eladrin construction which featured rooms and hallways depicted eladrin dedicated to the snake god, Zehir. It was an anchient complex and many of the areas were caved in. One hallway descended into darkness at an unnerving angle. They followed the murals in the opposite direction and came to a portal in a wall that glowed a pale yellow light. They all entered the portal. They entered a large cavern with a chasm in it’s center flanked by curtains of stone that entended from floor to ceiling. A larged runed eidolin stood against the wall. The party soon found themselves face by a huge snake that had the cowl of a cobra bearing a face which looked much like that of an eladrin. This naga had two snake swarm servants and thwe eidolin came to life during the combat and pushed Utrid into the chasm where more snakes attacked him. When the eidolin moved it revealed a small treasure vault in the floor to Nim. Nim opened it and found a pouch with precious diamonds in it. As the encounter continued the party mad it’s way across the room where there was a twenty foot shelf in the cavern and a set of stairs. Nim got onto the shelf as Theren chased the naga around one of the stone curtains. Rudy and Uthrid were busy with snake swarms and the eidolin was pursuing Nim. Theren Split the naga’s head with an arrow and she fell to the floor dead. Her brains now decorated the stone curtain. A quickling emerged from a nook in the wall of the shelf and stole the bag of diamonds from Nim’s hands. The eidolin leapt up to the top of the shelf and the other adventurers hurried to Nim’s position. The eidolin entered a sort of trance at which point it remained motionless and it’s runes glowed. The adveturers had seen it do this earlier in the combat and found that it was somewhat resistant to attacks while in this state and that any attacks on it would trigger an assault of radiant energy on the attacker. Uthrid used his Come And Get It power and drew the eidolin out of it’s trance. At this point the other adventurers were able to attack it and destroy it. The snake swarms melted away when the eidolin was destroyed. Nim led the adventurers to the nook the quickling had emerged from and they found a small passage. They started to follow but realized they were probably getting sidetracked and returned to the stairs on the shelf.

Up the stairs they came to an enormous cavern which reminded them of the seven pillared hall in Thunderspire Mountain. There were ruins of small buildings scattered about the hall and some passages leaving the hall. A stair zigzagged up the wall on one side of the hall and ended in a cave opening. The ceiling of the hall glowed blueish-greenish through many icicles that clung to it a couple hundred feet above. In the center of the chamber was a huge idol to Zehir the snake god with three thrones positioned in front of it on forty foot pedastels. One of the thrones was much large than the other two and they could see a crown of golding setting on top of it. The crown was designed as a cobra snake which would encircle the wearers head.


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