Cheap Whiskey


Nim, Uthrid Ragnarson, Rudolph Harmony and Theren followed the path through the woods and found a large piece of carved stone along the path. It looked like a section of wall with features indicating eladrin architechture. It was a broke off section and words in thick black lines were scorched into the rock. Rudy identified it as the giant language. It said, “CERNYSDEL – KEEP OUT”. Up ahead Theren found a ruined building. It was eladrin built but had been partialy destryed and rebuilt. The new entrance was composed of two giant stone pillars supporting a stone beam thirty feet above the ground. The rebuilt walls were held together with a reddish black mortar. Arcane symbols were burnt into rocks outside the entrace and the clearing in front was blak dirt.

The party camped outside the building and a stone-eyed basilisk tried to sneak into the camp and turn Rudy to stone. There was quickly a dead basilisk in the clearing. After their rest the party found that the fire giant was sitting on his make-shift throne inside the building. He had been turned to stone long ago. He looked quite old. There was a door in the back of the hall but it was locked. A door at the side of the hall led to some stairs which spiraled down to a vault. Some eladrin runes decorated the door to the vault and Rudy and Nim worked together to figure out that some runes drawn on the walls by the giant were a counter to the ward that had been placed on the vault door. They translated it and the door rolled open. A rune was discovered on the threshold of the door and Nim determined that it was a summoning spell that would activate if the doorway was crossed. Inside the room was a pile of gold and gems and glass cabinets lined the walls. Daggers, a longbow, and a couple suits of fine armor could be seen in the cabinets. Uthrid crossed the threshold and the party battled a couple fire archons and a fire elemental that were summoned. With help from the Unconcured Standard of Arkhosia they minimized the fire damaged and earned a large score of powerful magic items. They also earned 11th level and entered the paragon tier. Rudy chose Sword Marshall as his warlord paragon path. Uthrid chose Kensai with a focus on longsword as his fighter paragon path. Nim chose Wild Mage as his sorcerer paragon path. Theren chose Battlefield Archer as his ranger paragon path.

After an extended rest, Nim used a Knock ritual to open the door at the back of the fire giant’s den. The door opened and the party followed the ten foot diameter tunnel guided by the light of a sun rod. The curved walls of the tunnel were of eladrin design. Along the tunnel were seven niches memorializing some eladrin of an age long gone by. The names and dates that could be read were unfamiliar to any of the adventurers. Eventually the tunnel emerged back to the outside wilderness. A path wove up the hills between tall grass and thick woods towards a ridge and the mountains to the north.


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