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The adventurers found Adakmi abandoned as they had expected. They searched and found the place where long ago Baal Riverwind had deactivated an arcane lock on a secret door. The fear moths they had left locked in the room were gone. They passed into a room where a giant skull was carved into the wall. The eyes and nose of the skull were mansized inlets. The teeth of the skull were tightly spaced columns. The lich Driedel sat upon a throne in the nose inlet and battle soon broke out between the adventures and the lich. The fear moths entered the room from behind the party and joined the fight. The party defeated the lich and the moths. The lich, clad in a basilisk helm and a large amulet, turned to dust when the killing blow was delivered. Behind the throne Uthrid found a black sword in a silver sheath. The sword contained a black shard of crystal and when Uthrid drew it from the sheath the word INVERNESS was on the black blade. In a hidden compartment under the throne the party found other treasure including the basilisk helm and large amulet worn by the lich. They also found a strange urn carved with runes. Nim studied the runes and although he could not outright read them, he and the party discussed the theory that it could be Driedel’s phylanctary. A lich uses a phylanctary to come back to undeath if its skeletal form is destroyed. When destroyed a lich’s belongings are transported back to it’s phylanctary and the lich reforms within ten days at the location of the phylanctary. They smashed the urn and were hit with a blast of necrotic energy when they did. I the eye sockets of the carved skull they found handles that could be pulled in unison to move the columns and create a passage. When the passage opened a pair of coatl mockeries flew out and attacked the party. Rudy and Theren secured the handles to keep the columns open while Nim and Uthrid, with the new black sword, fought the mockeries. After the mockeries were destroyed they found the passage led to a linked portal.

The adventurers used the portal and were taken to the City of Moil in the Shadowfell. In Moil the party searched among the broken towers, making their way across the remaining wide bridges that conected the towers, for a portal to the Fortress Of Conclusion. They fought undead and saw signs that William Invidia had been there. Uthrid put away the black sword INVERNESS in favor of the sun sword he had found. The sun sword delivered radiant damage which was more effective against undead. There were also corpses from Raven Queen devotees who must have recently passed through. There were traps to avoid and the horrifying Tortured Vestige which was a collection of malevolent spirits made up of Moil’s dead residents. They nearly died a couple of times but found the entrance to the Fortress of Conclusion. There were many secret passages, difficult obstacles, traps and undead within the Shadow Tomb which were deadly and deserve a better, longer summary to appreciate. A green devil face was a prominant symbol in the tomb. Nim and Rudy knew that this was the symbol of Acererak the demi-lich who was the architect of a fabled Tomb of Horrors. They all had moments where death was on their doorstep but they survived. They found the corpse of William Invidia, they found The Book Of Ao and they discovered an eldritch engine similar to the one found in the Garden Of Graves in the feywild. Nim worked at deactivating the eldritch engine and the party was attacked by a hummonculus construct that was shaped like a skull with gems for eyes and teeth. Rudy and Uthrid could not contribute to the fight because they lacked effective ranged weapons but Nim and Theren killed it after Nim deactivated the engine. After the engine was destroyed the tomb began to collapse. A linked portal was on the floor of the chamber. Nim analyzed it. He determined that the portal had been transporting the energy that the eldritch engine had created to some place in the Astral Sea. The portal now could only be used to transfer people to The Mausaleum of Sra Turroch which was also in the Shadowfell located in a sandy wasteland.

They activated the portal and wound up in a secret room in the Mausaleum. A secret door led to a room with a bone naga and some other nasty monsters. The monsters were alerted when Nim opened the secret door. The party secured the secret door but had to fight some shadow snakes and a wraith that had phasing abilities. After besting those monsters Rudy realized the linked portal they had been transported to was capable of delivering them to a linked portal in which they had the coordinates. Nim quickly used it to take them all back to the wizard tower in Fallcrest.


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