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The Last Battle Of The Beheaders

In the hallway, Morthos prayed to the Raven Queen for Baal’s soul. The party realized they had been sidetracked from their goal of escape by looking for the splinters of Vyrellis. They were eager to find another splinter of Karavakos and get further toward their freedom. They found a corridor that led to a doorway that turned into the mouth of a demon. Guessing it was an illusion they all passed through and found a room with several sets of doors. The door they had entered from was in the northern wall of room and two other sets of doors were in the northern wall. A single set of doors was in the southern wall. After inspecting all of them, the Beheaders determined that the northern doors could only be opened from the opposite side and that the southern doors could only be opened after all three sets of northern doors had been opened.

The Beheaders returned to the hallway with the demon faces. There was one set of doors in the eastern wall and a set in the southern wall. As they approached the eastern doors opened and the Beheaders found themselves engaged in combat with hideous foulspawn creatures. They defeated all of them except for the leader who escaped. They searched the monsters rooms but found little of value. The demon heads had animated during the battle and tried to bite the combatants. Now they begged to be fed and the Beheaders obliged by feeding them the bodies of the foulspawn. When the last head was fed the head spit forth a flaming shurikan as a gift.

The Beheaders returned to the hallway and opened the doors in the southern wall. A large hall split into two smaller corridors that ended in single doors. They chose the door down the corridor on the western side and found a room with three statues – one of a tiefling warrior and the other two were statues of orcs. As they moved into the room they heard heavy breathing deep inside the room. They spread out and Morthos was suddenly hit in the shoulder by an arrow tainted with poison. A ogre warhulk charged Torinn and the battle was on. A snake haired woman approached Morthos and for a moment he was entranced by her gaze. Theren moved over to aid Morthos. Torinn, Rudy and Barnoble were battling the ogre. Morthos shook off the gaze of the snake haired woman but a moment later both he and Theren were caught in the woman’s gaze and slowed. They fired their weapons at her but were soon immobilized. The ogre was bloodied but so were Torinn and Rudy. The next moment Morthos and Theren were turned to stone by the snake haired woman and Torinn fell to the floor ater a blow by the ogre’s flail. Rudy and Barnoble hacked away and the ogre fell but now Barnoble was caught in the snake haired woman’s gaze and Rudy was badly bloodied. Barnoble turned to stone and Rudy backed away from the snake haired woman. He swung blindly while covering his eyes with his shield arm and backed out the door. Just outside the door, the medusa caught up with him and a bite from a snake on her head brought him down. The entire Beheaders party had been defeated.


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