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The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief

The steading was a large wooden structure comprised of mostly five foot thick tree trunks. The walls were fifteen feet in height and the main building rose to thirty feet at it’s peak. Smoke drifted from the large chimney in the center and from most of the chimneys around the structure. Attached to the main building was a lookout tower on the southern side. On the northern side was a smaller building and the tall walls fenced in a large courtyard between the two buildings. Theren and Gorek approached the fort unseen by the lookout tower. Theren quickly determined that dire wolves inhabited the courtyard between the buildings so they snuck around to the front of the building and got a look inside the front gates. A hill giant and four ogres slept inside the hall and at least one other hill giant was in the tower above the hall. Dishes and mugs lay about the hall and revelry could be heard from behind a set of large double doors that led further into the Steading. Two smaller sets of double doors were at opposite ends of the guard hall. Theren and Gorek reported to the rest of the group and soon most of the band were on the doorstep to the giants’ lair. Kamand and Holgar were held back to guard the ponies and donkeys. The adventurers and dwarves quickly and quietly murdered the sleeping giant and ogres. They soon heard some giants talking in the tower. One was coming down to take a nap and wake the now dead giant. The adventurers ambushed the giant and two in the tower were alerted. The guards in the tower struck a gong to which no one responded and soon the adventurers with a little help from the dwarves had dispatched all the hill giants.
They checked the two smaller sets of doors which flanked the larger set and found the both were twenty food wide hallways that went fifty feet. The eastern hall had double doors at the end on the eastern all. The western hall had doors at the end on the western wall. Theren checked the western doors and found a hallway that went west sixty feet with double doors on both sides at the end. The hallway also travelled one hundred feet to the north before heading west. A set of doors on the eastern wall of that hallway was opened by an Orc slave carrying serving trays. They found sleeping ogres in one room at the end of the western hall and they quietly murdered them. There were two stone giants in the other room at the end of the hall. They surprised the giants and killed them. They found some treasure including residuum and the rituals remove affliction and raise dead. They had heard the giants talking before they killed them. They were wondering when Laertar would be coming back to the room. It was obvious this as another stone giant so they waited and ambushed him when he arrived an hour later. The dwarves investigated while the heroes took out the stone giant emissary. There was a huge central hall where the hill giant chief Nosnra had been feasting with the stone giant emissary and other hill giants. He was believed to be dozing at a great table in the hall while several pigs, sheep and an ox were roasted over a fire in the center of the room. The northern side of the hallway where the stone giants resided led to the kitchens and orcs had been seen coming nag going between the kitchen and the main hall. The other hall off the guard hall led to a room full of young hill giants. The adventurers decided to take out the young and their babysitters next and the managed to kill the chief’s mate, all the young and four other hill giants without attracting attention. They then took an extended rest and got ready to assault the rest of the Steading.


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