Cheap Whiskey

The Thief Of Life cont.

Uthrid returned from the dragon’s lair after bringing the dragonslayer sword to it. The dragon told him they must go to the lighthouse off shore and light it in order to get back to the mortal world. They found a dilapidated boat named The Mist Dancer and took it to the small island where the lighthouse stood. They fought some bodaks and ghouls on the island and lit the pyre in the lighthouse. They then rested while they waited and four hours later they felt the air change and realized they had crossed over. Everything looked mostly the same in the darkness but some lights could be seen across the water where the village lay. The boat was no longer on the bank of the island but soon they saw a light moving across the water. Shortly, Father Tomas arrived on a slightly better looking Mist Dancer with armed sailors. A pretty half elf woman called Cara was the captain of the small merchant ship. She and her men had been trapped in Mistwatch since the disease had broken out. Tomas explained that shortly after the dead rose during the day and converged on the keep they had suddenly all just dropped to the ground, dead again. The shadar Kai had come into the village after they confirmed that the disease was cured and were helping clean up the streets. The adventurers explained what they had gone through with Cadmus and the Chained God and the undead dragon. Before they headed back to Winterhaven, the adventurers discovered that Mort’s supply store had been broken into. The door frame was smashed in and the clutter in the main room had all been hastily pushed aside. Theren investigated and found some blood, a large three taloned gouge in the floor by the blood and a pale dragon scale in the broken door frame. The adventurers were now concerned that the undead dragon had crossed over to the mortal world as well and abducted Mort. They left the 50 shadar kai behind to search the village for any sign of the dragon and they brought the broken mirror back to the Keep on the Shadowfell.


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