Cheap Whiskey

The White Dragon

Baal Riverwind is eaten.

The Beheaders made another attempt at the stairwell and battled the gargoyles and harpy with success. They made it through the doors at the top. They found a hallway with demon heads carved into the walls but avoided it by going through a closer set of doors. They found a few passages and a large hallway with stairs leading up. At the far end of the large hallway was a set of double doors and the Head of Vyrellis urged them in that direction.

They encountered some eladrin in a wintery room and had difficulty fighting them on the slippery floor. The eladrin knocked out Morthos and took him captive. The Beheaders followed the retreating eladrin and came to a large ice chamber. Baal turned invisible and told the others he would search for a gem which was a splinter of Vyrellis while the other negotiated for Morthos’ release. In the chamber they found the eladrin had given Morthos as a gift to an adult white dragon. They negotiated and paid the dragon 9000 gold pieces for the tiefling. As they were leaving Baal was discovered trying to rob the dragon’s horde and eaten. The rest of the Beheaders left quickly.


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