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Trouble In The Vale

Nim had left an old dwarf sgt of the Fallcrest garrison in charge of his tower. It was midnight. All was quiet but they soon found the veteran sgt who assured Nim and Rudy that he had kept their residences locked and secured. Much badness had transpired since their departure. Paldemar, a former Mage of Saruun had overthrown all the other Mages in Thunderspire Mountain. It had been revealed that he was an agent of Vecna and a perverted history of the gods origin was being preached throughout the Vale. Most residents disregarded the sermons but there were some who had listened. The farms that supplied crops to Fallcrest had failed that season due to raids from the Black Petals undead and goblinoid followers as well as bandits, monsters and many believed Paldemars own agents. The old dwarf warned that Markelhey’s Monstone Keep was haunted by a spy working for the Thunderspire wizard. Rudy, Theren and Uthrid retired to the old Kamroth estate for the night and a couple guards were set outside to keep watch so the heroes could rest. Nim went to check on things at the Lucky Gnome Tavern. He met Madge along the way and she did not seem surprised to see him. After settling himself for the night in his baasement quarters Nim overheard Madge and Korey leaving the tavern not an hour after he had arrived. He spied them going into a nearby house and peeking through a window saw them meeting with a duergar. Madge and three duergar soon left the lower quays heading for the Kamroth estate. Nim realized they were up to no-good and captured Korey as he returned to the cavern. He sent a warning message to Rudy. Evidently, Madge and Korey were worshipers of Asmodeus and had been contacted by the duergar who wished to get revenge on Theren and Rudy. Up at the Kamroth estate the heroes were attacked by devils. As Nim went to help them he spied Madge and the duergar returning to the lower quays. The duergar went to their house and Madge returned to the tavern where Nim incapacitated her. After dealing with the devils the party came to the tavern. On the way they found an area in a patch of trees by the house. Where the duergar must have summoned the devils. When the party went to the duergar house they found the devil dwarves had departed but left a message for Rudy. The mutilated body of Amara Azaer was found in a wash tub and her head was on a table in the living room with the note. The hands and tail had been cut from her body and the horns were cut from her head. Amara was the cousin of Morthos Azaer who had adventures with the Beheaders before being turned to stone by a medusa in the Pyramid of Shadows. The note invited Rudy to meet the duergar at Yellowskull and end the feud with Grimmerzhul Clan once and for all.


“Morthos Azaer who had adventures with the Beheaders before being turned to stone by a medusa”… Umm Morthos didn’t adventure with the Beheaders he WAS a Beheader

Trouble In The Vale

true dat, no offense Morthos.

Trouble In The Vale
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