Cheap Whiskey

Woodland Woes

Theren Brightwood was feeling it since entering the Feywild. He led the BUSA through the forest of the lands called Cernysdel. After a few hours travel he came across a clearing in the thick woods. Something awful must have happened in the clearing was his first thought. A trio of bodies – young women, from the looks of it – lay scattered across the grass. But that didn’t make sense in this wilderness and he instantly knew he was being lured into an ambush. Several foul-looking humanoids, with mangy wings and wicked talons, lurked among the trees. Theren signaled to Rudy, Nim and Uthrid that an ambush lay ahead. Suddenly, the three women disappeared and the party who lurked by a tree several paces behind Theren were engaged with three blood-thirsty dryads. Three harpies flew down from the trees and attacked Theren with brutal screams and vicious claws. The drayds gouged Uthrid and Rudy with claw attacks. Uthrid received some bloodying wounds but the experienced adventures fended them off. The enraged fey all fough to the death and beyond. That was a most disturbing feature of this encounter. When the BUSA’s enemies received a killing blow a sudder ran through the foe’s body and it began to topple – only to freeze, hunched over, as though held upright by invisible strings. The foe would glare at it’s slayer with empty eyes that rolled up in it’s head. Faint wisps of sickly gray mist drifted from their gaping mouths and the ends of their clawed fingers. They would fight on for a moment before crumbling into bone and dust or stringy dried wood and dust in the case of the dryads.

On the far end of the clearing a path wound through thick woods and waving grasses, seeming without a definite direction. Along the path they were attacked by a displacer beast. It was difficult to hit at first but once on party member hit it the adventurers quickly killed it. This creature also seemed to turn undead and fight on at the end before crumbling into bone and ash. It was creepy.


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